Cockburn League Week 7

Hey Guys,

Hope you all have had a great week so far and its great seeing everyone enjoying the games.

This week with weigh ins, team Orange took the lead with 7 out of 7 players dropping weight

Well done to the top 3 losers this week, new players Phil Thrower 1.3kg down
Mason 0.9kg down and Adrian Stubbs 0.9kg down.

Something mentioned this week was how stress/emotions impact weight.

Just want to suggest a few things to help combat this, and whilst we will always face stressors in life work/financial/family commitments etc, we can lower our chances of resorting to less healthy stress busters (cigarettes/alcohol/ fast food/ junk food/ recreational drugs) by increasing things in our day that reduce stress, one being this program, as well as any form of exercise, but also getting outdoors in nature, spending time with friends, family and pets, participating in other hobbies, listening to music etc… when we are less stressed we are more capable of making healthier choices in regards to what we put in our mouths.

But if you do know when you are most likely to encounter stress, try have healthy food options at the ready, ie. piece of fruit, high protein nut/museli bars (watch out for the sugar), veggie sticks with hummus/avocado) and hopefully that way you’ll be less likely to drive by maccas on your way home from work.

Have a great rest of your weekend and see you all Tuesday.