Cockburn League Week 9

Hey Guys,

I hope everyone had a good week !

Weight loss leaders last Tuesday were:

Joe P down 1.3kg

Adrian down 1.5kg
Philip down 1.2kg
Tommy down 1.2kg

Shaun down 0.8kg

Brady down 1.5kg
Paul Wassouf down 1.3kg

This week I want to mention habits and how we can make small gradual changes in our diets/habits that over the long term add up.

Maybe you skip breakfast and then by the time lunch comes around you’re starving and as a result you reach for high calorie (fatty/sugary) foods to give you that much needed energy. A simple solution to overcome that would be to stop skipping meals and have breakfast pre prepared, whether on the kitchen bench, in the fridge or a grab and go option.

Another may be afternoon sweet snacks that are hard to say no to, probably for a similar reason, you skipped lunch or didn’t eat enough protein/ the meal wasn’t as balanced as it should have been. Solution; plan a healthier lunch/ know what healthy options are available in the area.

Simple swaps can also add up in the long run.

Things like switching full fat milk for skim
Swapping white bread for a more filling high fibre/seedy bread.
Swapping ice cream for greek yoghurt, berries and a tsp of honey
Have a glass of water in between alcoholic drinks and not going over board either.

Increasing your activity helps too, so maybe its walking the dog or walking to the local shops to grab some milk, even cooking, preparing meals results in burning calories so another reason to cook rather than purchasing ready cooked meals.

Pick one or two things to focus on each week so you that particular habit sticks and becomes life long rather than trying to do everything at once, getting frustrated and quitting. I personally would eat ice cream most evenings before studying nutrition and now I try not to buy it and buy a tub of greek yoghurt. I’ve noticed a huge shift in how much sugar I crave and as a result I’m sure I’ll get less cavities.

Lastly, fill out your diaries that way I can see if there are any obvious swaps that you could make that will help you drop the kgs and improve your health.

See you all tomorrow night