Cockburn Week 9 2021

Hi all,

Weight loss leaders this week were;

David down 1.8 from blue
Zach down 0.50 from red
Joe down 0.90, Paul down 1.20 and Will down 0.60 (both also scoring hatricks) from Black
Jack down 1.50 and Kevin down 0.60 from Yellow

Well done guys.

Alcohol has crept up in a few conversations this week and thought I’d just post a reminder about the calorie content of a few alcoholic drinks;

1 bottle of red wine has 625 calories
1 bottle of white wine has 600 calories
1 330ml bottle of beer has 144, a 6 pack would then be 864 calories
1 50ml shot of vodka has 100 calories, plus the calories in soft drink if you are mixing with sugary drinks

Another challenge of over consuming alcohol are the cravings for salty, sugary and fatty foods during and after the event, so alcohol has a double whammy for weight gain.

If choosing to drink, drink in moderation, drink plenty of water, and try if you can to still eat healthy meals.

2 big nights over the weekend could see you consuming an excess of 2000 calories from alcohol alone , which would have a big impact on your weight loss efforts.

See you all at the games this week