Colchester Waiting List


Was just wondering how long the waiting list for Colchester was and where i was on the list?



There are no more than five people on the waiting list - we aim to get all players off the waiting list ASAP.

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Hi all,

I have just joined and am now on the waiting list, any ideas how long this might take?



I’m still waiting mate. Kinda assuming it’ll be when the new league starts.

Hi all,

Just signed up, looking forward to the challenge.

Bring on the start of the new league.


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Welcome all!

If you haven’t already then have a read of the The ultimate new member welcome post .


Hi All,

I have just signed up to give this a go and have been put on a waiting list. Was just curious how long it might be at this time?

League is full at the moment so depends on drop outs over next few weeks I think

Cheers for the reply. Will just wait my turn for now, already eating better and exercising a bit, so looking forward to giving it a go.

Hello, as mentioned, there’s a waiting list at Colchester, and the coaches will assign players from there into active teams when spaces are available. I couldn’t give you an estimate as it revolves around player movement.

Hi, I joined a few weeks ago and got put on the waiting list, I still havnt heard anything from anyone, any ideas how long you stay on the waiting list for?

Same here on waiting list but not heard anything yet. When does the next season begin?

Theres 4 weeks left of current season but it depends if anyone leaves- theres normally a few that leave at end of each season but not sure how many are on waiting list currently.

Been on the waiting list for nearly 2 months now, any idea when I will be contacted??

Still on waiting list, I believe. Does anybody know when I can get in? I haven’t heard anything since signing up.

Morning all,

I have been signed up for a few months too - any idea on the length of the waiting list?


Just joined the colchester league and was wondering where I place in the wait list.


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Hi how long is the waiting list is I joined a few weeks back just wondering that’s all as not heard much since

Still on the waiting list from July 19…
seems there are probably enough people on the waiting list to start a new team??