Commitment Time


At the end of last year I wanted to be able to do 1 full press-up and quite simply I failed.

I’m making a commitment here to try again, and do my best to be able to do 1 full press-up by Sunday 22 July. Six weeks of giving it a damn good go and get rid of my snowman arms. I also want to keep on track losing 2lb+ a week so I want to also get to 252lbs by then.

Wish me luck. :muscle:


If I fail again I’ll buy £100 worth of merchandise from the Man v Fat online shop! Whilst some of the gear on there may be good, I am a proper tight-fisted Yorkshire bastard.



(Normal positive service will be resumed soon).


@PickleRick start off by standing up and doing the press up(s) against the wall
Later on, do them against the kitchen counter
When you’re ready, get on the floor and have a go

Good luck, chap :muscle::+1:t2:


Press ups: a thing I heard about and tried, and it worked:
Day 1 - 1 press up
Day 2 - 2 press ups
Day 3 - 3 press ups
… you get the picture.

At the start I had previously struggled to do more than about 3. On the above regime, without cheating, I got up to a steady 20.


I can’t even do a knee press-up. I wasn’t feeling strong this evening, physically or emotionally but I did something to start with. Some counter top push-ups, a very quick full plank and started with 30kg chest press, only 10-5-5 which I know isn’t good enough.

I want to post every day to keep my motivation going. It’s easy for me to hide away from everyone.


+1 for the using the kitchen counter, that is how I worked up to doing them, I was doing 20 or so every morning, then knee pressups, that and some absolute beastings during HIIT sessions. But @PickleRick I am around 300lbs and in around 4 weeks I managed to get myself doing a set of 10. They are extremely hard, think of bench pressing 300lbs but if you build up to doing them you will succeed!!! Good luck!!


This is encouraging.

Or giving me false hope!

I’ve asked @maxnas for advice.


Day 2: Man v Fat football day today, I did crap in net. I’m going to do some planks before bed and some counter top push ups.


That’s more than good enough. It’s better than not even bothering at all.


Day 3: 2 days later I can still feel it in that bit where chest joins arm. Hurts quite a bit when stretched. I had to drop to 25kg and just about managed to do 5-5-5. :frowning: I need to do more research… or pester @maxnas more.
(Note: barbell is only 5 feet, so about 5-7kg? It’s not an Olympic barbell)


lol bug me all you want mate!

Havn’t been on here much lately (lack of time & super busy)


I appreciate it.

I will dive into the program you posted this evening.

I’m using rest days to do other exercise including plank, wall sit and balance.


Day 4: I took a step back to read @maxnas advice and program. I organised my weights ready for tomorrow and did only about 5 lifts whilst finding that start point. I’ve adjusted my alarm to get up earlier for a morning isometric set of planks and wall sits. It probably sounds like an excuse, procrastinating, etc. but I’ll admit heading into this like a headless chicken and I forgot where the problems lie.


Keeping coming back to us all when you’re unsure or confused about anything :slight_smile:


Day 5: Another “feeler” session, this time with a tricep bar (0kg) with 17kg for 2 sets of 10 with shoulder press and upright rows. The barbell is a little unwieldy for me to press overhead and I don’t need to change weights between each session.

I’m not making progress but I am re-learning what I can do atm.

I’ll do another 3 planks and wall sits during the adverts on TV.


Day 6: 2 sets of desk top push ups (am & pm). Probably/hopefully the closest thing to a day off. Food choices have let me down today.


Day 7: Unforseen day off. I ended up being busy with stuff all day and didn’t get the chance to do any strength training.


Day 8: Quick weight session on Sunday morning.
Day 9: A few planks before heading out for a long, long drive. A scheduled day off as it were. Tomorrow I hit it hard with a double session.

(I understand if this is boring, if I post I can’t hide away from everyone)


I need to do something similar. Didnt think about kitchen worktops, that’s a cracking idea