Commitment Time


I also use a window cill and a desk at work.


keep posting :slight_smile:


Day 10: A frustrating session. My technique was sloppy. I’m not making the progress I’d hoped. Maybe I need to step away from the free weights for now and focus on planks and counter top push ups to kneeling push ups.

(33 days to go.)


Day 11: Man v Fat football day. Another crap display of goalkeeping from me. No strength training today. I put together new plan at work.

(32 days to go)


Day 12: A little better, a slow start but some Foo Fighters helped get me in gear. I went back to 3 exercises, 3 sets of 7 reps and it was better.

I wanted to ask @maxnas if doing a chest press set, then a set of bent rows then a set of deadlifts in a circuit for 3 sets was more or less beneficial than doing 3 sets of chest press, followed by 3 sets of bent rows then 3 sets of deadlifts? i.e. ABC ABC ABC than AAA BBB CCC. I did the AAA and struggled, after I did a 4th set chest press and it seemed easier (and safer) to do ABC.

I’ve also sized up my garden wall as a replacement for counter top push ups as it has a gradient for difficulty!

(31 days to go.)


supersetting opposing muscle grouups is fine mate, as long as you feel fine doing so (are you feeling recovered enough etc), infact it can be beneficial for 2 reasons:

1, saves time
2, the opossing muscle is not only resting it’s actively recovering (eg, your ‘pushing’ muscles are moving in a non-working direction during your ‘pulling’ movements with research shows can help recovery, compared to just resting fully.

As far as deadlifts… squats and deadlifts need to be done on their own with adequate rest between sets as you’re using a shit-ton of muscles to perform these movements, for that reason I’d advice to never superset squats & deadlifts

Awsome progress mate, well done :slight_smile:


Day 13: Really busy with work and went food shopping so it was a rest day yesterday.
Day 14: Today I did a some kneeling press ups and some planks, I have a late night ahead so I wanted to keep it light. On weekends I’ll try 36hrs between sessions (Sat am, Sun pm).


Day 15: Slept most of yesterday, awake most of the night. Felt physically and mentally tired so no strength training done yesterday. Not looking brilliant for the next 4 weeks. @admin rubbing his hands.


Day 16: MvF football day. Scorcher. No strength training yesterday. On it tonight.


Day 17: I wish I hadn’t given this topic such a sanctimonious name. A few minutes ago I was laying on the carpet out of breath after a few sets of knee press ups. I’m simply just not strong enough. But I’ll carry on with it because I’ve nowt much better to do than try.

I really fucking hate obesity.


Day 18: Some knee press ups, some abdominal bridges, basically some exercises while laying on the floor!


Day 19: None. Rest. Sticking with “bodyweight” exercises, knee push ups and planks, etc. because they’re more difficult yet I feel safer.


Day 20: Busy and exhausted today I’m afraid. I’ll try fit something in before bed but I think sleep is a better option! I hate missing 2 days in a row.


I’m not as exhausted now as I was, FFS.

Win, lose or draw, after this challenge I will definitely be going back to @maxnas strength program long term.


Day 21: Really frustrating, I felt unwell yesterday evening so yet another day of no strength training. Today has to be the day to flog myself, 3 weeks to go until deadline.


Day 22: Yay, back to it. Some knee press ups, quite a few wall push ups outside to test it out and some bridges and some star jumps to get my pulse racing. Feels good. Football tomorrow but I’ll do what I can.


I remember not long ago you couldn’t do kneeling press ups, this thread is awsome! Keep posting your progress :slight_smile:


Day 23: MvF football day. No strength training today, I have a tight calf also and want to rest it. Looking forward to tomorrow already, I will blast it at half time of England.


Day 24: Wall push ups and knee push ups during half time. A little distracted tonight. Felt it though, short but sharp.

*by wall push ups I mean a garden wall at waist height which tapers down to a foot tall for later as I progress.


Day 25: Rest day.