Commitment Time


Day 26: Light day. Tonight was the first time a no turned into a yes. I’m not sure why I was going to skip today, I think my evening meal was probably too big as I can still feel it now. However I had a light weights session, focussing on high reps or slow reps. A change is as good as a rest.


Day 27: Rest day. Fast day. I can barely lift my eyelids never mind any weight!


lolling at ‘snowman arms’. When I was cycling good and proper my wife said I had the leg/arm imbalance typical of a T. Rex.


Day 28: on Saturday I did some wall push ups, yesterday I did no strength training, just a hike on the beach.


Day 29: MvF football day, no strength training today, ate later also. I’m looking forward to trying really hard tomorrow, no distractions just go until I drop to the floor.


Here I lay in a crumpled sweaty heap on the carpet. Some wall push ups, some harder knee push ups, some barbell weights, some full press up “movements” (down just an inch or 2 and back). I seem to only feel it in my arms cos they’re just not strong enough. I think I’ll do something everyday from now on, just a few. I can’t wait for this to be over.


12 days to go until I succeed or fail.


This contradicts my sanctimonious topic title but for the first time in a few weeks the head says no. It was a slight ankle tap of a negative thought that has taken hold tonight and derailed this evening’s strength training. When I have doubt it’s hard to shake off and I don’t feel enthusiastic so I’ve gone to bed early.


We all have these days mate, infact the past 6-8 weeks have been shitty ones for me in this regard, but doing 50% of what I planned is better than nothing… enjoy the day off, pick back up tomorrow and accept that MOST of the time you wont feel like it (this is were habits and routine come in, to keep things moving regardless of how we feel)

Progress over time is more important than perfection in the short term

You’re doing great!


Cheers, the upside is I had a good kip.


During the ad breaks I’m doing a few sets of full press up “movements”, still just a few inches down and back up again, but it’s hard work. I guess this would be low reps with high weight, right @maxnas ?


That felt good, certainly felt better than not doing anything yesterday. I had to take a break because I can still feel it in my wrists and my lower back (not plank enough) and I don’t want to hurt myself with just over a week to go.


I dare not ask a forum full of blokes how to strengthen one’s wrists…


Sorry, I can only offer advice on one.


More press up “movements”, I can sense progress and dare I say it I could be nearly there, unless I’m not.


One week to go.

MvF football tomorrow so I will just do as many planks for as long as I can after.


I’m eating now which is quite late for me so I’ll plank before bed.




Too much information…


I managed to last a whole minute as well, then another 2 each under a minute. It’s tricky to stay firm and straight for that length of time. Forearms ached after and it made me sweat a little.

:grin: What…?!