Commitment Time


Good effort…but spare us the video. Have another go tonight…


Tonight I’m having a crack at some full press ups, I can manage 5 every few minutes. I have a cushion for my face to touch consistently about 4"/10cm from the floor. I think this is going ok.

@maxnas why do I seem to only feel the effort in my arms and my elbows? Is it because they’ll be weaker so they’ll give out first?


I used to have this issue, a coach at my gym said my elbows were “flaring” out rather than hinging so I changed my arm/hand position to try and keep my elbows above my hands throughout the movement and it helped a lot!

I also try and concentrate on pushing from my chest rather than driving with my arms if that makes any sense?


Indeed I most probably need to sort my technique.


This is still true.


I had a day off yesterday and some planks before bed tonight. We’re nearly there boys and girls.


@PickleRick…you planking late at night again?.. you’ll go blind.

Serious note: good efforts… keep at it


Actually I didn’t yesterday. Masturbation got in the way.


… here we go again, with information overload.


It was a joke!


I know that!..


Good luck



This week’s average is 250.9lbs.


Whatsapp video sent to @admin as proof.

Challenge complete.



Bon chance @PickleRick
Perseverance the key… Every champion is a contender who refused to give up…


I confirm!


I’ve had a few days off strength training, however tomorrow I will start with @maxnas plan to provide better overall strength training. I can now at least start my work out with some press ups.


Thanks to everyone for their support and just showing an interest in this topic.