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I know it’s sound stupid but I’m so confused on how to lose weight there’s just so much information out there and I feel like it’s never straight forward as they make out. I currently weigh around 16 stone 10 pounds but whenever I try and lose weight I can never seem to I just want to know what I’m doing wrong. Whenever I use the TDEE calculator the calories they recommend seem like too much so I cut further down, does this effect it? Also do you need to consume more calories for the more exercise you do? I’m just so confused, any help would be much appreciated

Hello mate,

I don’t know what TDEE is so I never followed it. I would suggest you aim for between 2000 and 2500 cals a day and try and get in 300-500 cals of exercise.

Change your diet but don’t go on a diet. Look to reduce or take out food that is unhealthy - sugary drinks and snacks, crisps, high in calorie foods, convenience food, certain takeways etc… Alcohol.

Don’t eat back your exercise calories.

Make subtle lifestyle changes and aim for about 1kg a week. Set some simple goals first and build on them…

Like … drink more water, get a fast 30 mins walk in each day (then maybe one in the morning and one at night). Build up gradually. and don’t give up if you don’t lose in a cerrtain week or even gain a bit back.

I am 102.1kg at the moment. I got down to 89.7 from 125 but have since put some back on so I THINK (I don’t use stone but I think it is 16.10 x 6.35???) we are about the same weight.

Keep in touch here, I pop in here about once a day at the moment.

I hope that helps.

Good luck mate.

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Hey @James4 I have had the same question and problem. I agree with @StevenHaley that the snacks and exercise. Also, I found more success when I figured out what works for my body. I’m 52 and I exercise 5-6 times per week and what I have learned is that if I eat more than 1800 cals/day, I don’t lose weight. I should be able to eat more according to the calculators, but my body does not agree!

For me the biggest thing is keeping very careful and accurate food logs. In my experience, if I don’t write down what I eat, I eat a lot more than I should and it frustrates my progress. I log my food and calories before I eat. Even if it goes beyond my daily goal, I want to know what is working and what is not working.

Hope that helps. I have had limited success with losing, but I know that when I don’t follow my plan and keep track, I gain back my losses.

Also, I think exercise is good for the heart, lungs, muscle and mind but not a huge component to losing weight.

Hope any of that helps. Keep on it and listen to your body and find out what works for you.



My honest answer? Use an app - I use LoseIt, others use My Fitness Pal.
Set it up that you want to lose 1kg a week. Stick to that calorie allowance.

Learn what low calorie foods you like eating. Find lower calorie versions or alternatives to others.

It’s that simple. All weight loss comes down to calorie deficit - if you aren’t losing weight then you aren’t in a deficit - so maybe you’re not being quite as honest with yourself when it comes to food intake?

Being blunt here as it’s quite often the reason.


Yes, tracking can be my downfall and it’s bites of this and that when I’m in the kitchen that can add up to hundreds of cals that I don’t track.

@James4 I’m sure that if you keep a solid accounting of your food you will find your weight-loss point and then it’s a daily grind of keeping yourself on track. I know you can do it - let us know how it goes👍🏻

I pretty much agree with everything that’s been said here.
Over a two year period I’ve managed to lose between 4.5 - 5st, now weighing in at around 14st. I was 16st 10 when I joined MVF in March 2019, I’d lost 2st but needed a further impetus. Still got a way to go, stagnated lately but I don’t suppose I’m alone in that.
What I would say is while by no means has it been easy, it IS relatively simple/straightforward. Its all about expending more calories than you take in…a calorie deficit. Sounds so simple but its a fact, thats the whole weight loss game in one calculation. Get a calorie deficit and you WILL lose weight.
I’d probably aim to keep to around 2000 cals a day to start with, see
I totally agree with writing down your food intake. Honesty is huge, only when you see EXACTLY what you are eating can you see where you may be going wrong. Most of us have trigger foods, or go to foods (for me it’s bread) so knowing those and trying to at least cut down on them is a starting point. As others have said, drinking plenty of water is very important. Fills you up, cleans you out, you don’t feel as hungry.
Exercise is also key, you don’t have to go mad, but any increase on exercise combined with a reduction on calories will make the difference. It also helps your mental health, for me I love walking. Nothing beats getting out into the fresh air. The current situation isn’t ideal for weight loss, its certainly affecting me ‘up top’ but staying positive is vital. I’ve probably replicated a lot of what has been said but I guess that means it must work. Best of luck and let us know how it goes.

don’t give up and keep it up.this is a long way

Hi mate, do you need some help?

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Happy to help you get unstuck :slight_smile: