Compression clothing doesn't work

Or so says this Guardian article, however for me the reason that it’s an essential part of my sporting wardrobe is the fires that it prevents between my thighs. W
But they never think of the fat man running angle do they :grin::grin::grin:

Do compression sports clothes really improve performance?

This. This! THIS!!

Also I appreciate the way it stops excessive blood loss from my nipples on long runs.

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This. This! THIS!!

Also, it helps me jiggle a bit less on long runs and thus feel a little less self-conscious.

All of the above! - although I can’t recommend some chamois cream highly enough - even if not riding, it works just as well for running and would sort @ChevalierTialys out up top as well!

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hmm. Minty arse lard on the nipples? It’s all getting a bit Fifty Shades…


Ha hahaha!

Forgot to say - don’t get the mint one!

Some mistakes you only make once! - Running that is, not the But Butter!

They also help for warmth during winter workouts!

I’m certainly a fan.

That’s the worst pick up line I’ve ever read.


Oh, cycling is seriously deviant. It’s all chain whips, lube, nipple wrenches and bottom brackets. And there’s nothing I like more than shaving my legs, oiling up and meeting complete strangers in a countryside lay by for an hour’s sweating and grunting.

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