Confused about gaining 1.5 kgs

Yes, I lapsed during Easter and ate about 5000 calories extra in 3 days. I’m normally on a 1500 calorie diet, which is 1400 calorie deficit per day. But I gained 1.5 kgs during last week.

I honestly don’t understand how it works. Can someone explain?

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Weight is not soley bodyfat, it’s everything in/on your body

Water, gut content, stored carbs in the muscle and liver, fat, bones, organs etc

Plus like you said mate, you’ve eaten considerably more food over the space of a few days, and when you say ‘about’ that means we don’t really know how much if we’re being totally honest… it could be 5000, could be 7000?

That in itself would result in approx 2lbs/1kg of weight gain.

On average humans tend to under-report calories by about 40-50%, even registered dieticians typically underreport by 30% or so, we’re just terrible at knowing how much we’ve eaten, so that ‘about 5000’ could quite easily be 10’000, which would explain.

Could it be possible that you had more than that mate?

I know that much. But I doubt I grew more of any of these by overeating for 3 days. And I didn’t drink more than usual.

In that case you’ve broken physics as we know it and the law of thermogenesis mate lol


Why ask a question you don’t want to know the answer to?

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Why ask for help then get rude when someone tries to do so?

Carry on stuffing your face and being confused about why you’re gaining weight then :+1:t2: