Confused Newbie Question



I am a slightly confused newbie - I have joined ( I think) the Ipswich league and the whats app group but can’t seem to find any further details about when they meet etc? In fact I cant find it anywhere on the site.

I’m 54 and really unfit and weigh 17.8 stones so hope I won’t be out of my league (no pun intended)

What happens now - do I wait to be contacted? HELP!



Hi Chris- I just joined the Leeds league 30 minutes ago. I got an email back confirming my payment, and another saying that the team I joined has a waiting list. The second email had 2 links in it: one to a page giving details of the League, one one to a Forum like this one, but specific to Leeds.
Good luck!


Thanks - I just got a link to a whats app group? Do they still meet even though the football season has finished?


Hello @cdgallagher64 - thanks for getting in touch!

You’ve done everything correctly so far. You are on your waiting list for the Ipswich League. Your coach will contact you directly to confirm when you have been allocated into a team. Use the whatsapp group link to log into the league group where you can get updates from your coaching team.


Hi Chris, I play for the whites in the Ipswich league.

We have 2 cup games left (Fridays from 7 at Portman road, on the side training pitch). After that, it will be the registration week. I reckon you will ‘be invited’ to the reg week first, however there is nothing stopping you turning up and watching / talking to Tom the league coach.
Parking is free around there, however some have been ticketed on double yellows on nights before a Ipswich home game).
Go into the gate around the Britannia stand side and take a left when you can to see loads of portacabins. We meet in there for weigh in.
Reg is in the legends suite, same main entrance but go straight instead of turning into the portacabins. You will be shown a presentation about the league with rules etc, the previous seasons trophies will be given and then its weigh in time.

Hope that helps.
I think MvF has a problem with the time between registering and playing as I see many posts asking whats next. But rest assured when it happens its fine.