Consistently going over my calorie count for the past week


hello all,

Between my birthday, the up coming holiday, and just office life, I find myself going over my daily caloric amount by at least 400 for the past week. Honestly, I can’t help it.

They have candies out every where, and I recently hurt my back, so I need to walk around to stretch it out. So I can’t just hole up somewhere. Anyone else having this issue?




Yep, because I know my football is finished until 7th Jan & it’s Christmas.
1000 calories just on chocolate this evening.

So here’s what I’m doing;

  1. Uninstalled all apps relating to calorie tracking & fitness.
  2. Enjoying the next 2 weeks.
  3. I will deal with any weight gain after that.

Seriously though, 400 calories? It’s takes 3500 of them extra to gain 1lb.
If you get through the next 2 weeks with just a 2lb gain you have done well.


Think this is a conversation I had with Roger Smith a while back. So much easier over Christmas to just say: okay I’m going to enjoy myself and understand that I might not lose anything or might even have a little extra to lose when I start to focus on weight loss again after Christmas.
Especially if you then treat the first weigh of 2019 as week 0 and reset all targets going forward with that weight as the starting point


Exactly. A diet shouldn’t be miserable & even if somebody considers themselves to be ‘making lifestyle changes’ rather than ‘on a diet’, at some point you have to be part of the real world & enjoy yourself. Including Christmas!

Eating an extra 7000, 14000 or even 21000 extra calories over Christmas isn’t what makes you fat.

It’s what you did all year round.

Skinny people overeat at Christmas too.


My missus fit and skinny as £uck, in my mind eats rock all during the normal day, but you should see what she’s got lined up for our Christmas Day grub in the form of four courses…three of which I could personally forgo!..but I won’t.


glad I’m not the only one having this issue. Yea, I’m pretty much saying ‘screw it’ at this point. Come back to it jan 2nd.


Same here, beer and chocolate around the house everywhere.

No footy till the 2nd January and my local gym are closed over the Christmas period. That said it’s good to not worry too much about what you’re eating for a week or so and have a relax (although I’m trying to ensure I walk for an hour each day).

Not too worried if I put a couple of pounds on over the holiday, it’ll be gone by the end of January. I’ll concentrate on the 60 or sound pounds I’ve lost since March rather than the couple put on over Christmas :slight_smile:


I decided today would be the day I ran a bit further. Take the edge off some of the calories consumed about 2000 already :flushed: with a buffet this evening & to replace the fact no football tonight.

Not as quick as my usual 2km, but apparently I need to learn a slower pace to go further…


Happy to report i’ve maintained (to the exact weight) over X-Mas, never managed to not put weight on before :slight_smile: