Couch to 5k Challenge


I’ve been meaning to start Couch to 5k for a number of weeks (years, technically) but through making excuse after excuse I’ve not got past downloading it.

Anyone fancy getting it started within the next week with me and we can hold each other accountable each week to ensure we’re actually doing it?

More information can be found here: - hope it’s OK for me to post this, admins.

Drop me a PM or reply on here if you’re interested and we’ll get this going. Please bear in mind if I’m accountable for you, I may be a tad overenthusiastic!


ive just started week 4 when it seems to step up a gear, i’ve tried before but only got to week 6 and then got sidetracked. I’m determined to finish the program this time so whilst you are a few weeks behind me I would be happy to do this with you as i definitely need someone to keep me honest and on track and happy to do the same for you or others.


Iv donw it before the 1st few weeks is very easy then it gets abit harder. The only thing was i didnt know what to do once i finished it.


Sounds good, @Zad. I’ll be starting either Sunday or Monday. Good luck with the rest of the week!

@Biffa94 - run 5k races and then move on to the Couch to 10k app or keep running 5k races? Whatever suits you I guess.


Eeh i never realised theres a couch to 10k lol makes sense tho ha


I’m defiantly thinking of doing it.


Did 2nd one of week 4 this mornings, 16 mins running in total 3.,5,3,5. Managed it although last minute is tough on the longer stretches. I should say I’m doing this on a treadmill and I’m not the fastest runner typically the runs are at 6.5k/hr or less.

A few weeks ago though my knees would really hurt for a day after and now they are fine so it is definitely doing some good. My goal is to do the park run with my kids.


Good effort, @Zad.

I’ll start Sunday. How important are the rest days do you find?

My intentions are to run Sunday, Monday and Wednesday as I play football on Tuesday and Thursday (going forward).

Saturday isn’t really viable unless I’m in London as I don’t have access to a gym up north at my parents’. Suppose I could rejig my plan if I’m in London on a Saturday.


I find the rest days really important, initially I did some indoor cycling or rowing on the rest days but it totally scenes up my knees and ended up having to take 5 days off on the ibuprofen to “fix” then. Now I just make sure I do plenty of walking on the rest days or if I have time for the gym do some upper body stuff.

Good luck with the footie is that also with MvF?


They recommend you do rest a day between runs. And 2 between weeks. You will feel it and will need the rest. I might start this again alongside my spin classes. But then it’s not really resting then is it.


@atb88 Just seen this and I’m up for the challenge. It’s been several years since I completed it and the weight has more than come back on. I’d definitely be up for starting this week. Given your schedule it looks like a Sunday start date, which is fine with me.

I’ll look to run Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday and I’ll keep you posted.


What have I done? :joy:

Let’s start tomorrow, gents. I’ll be getting my first run in tomorrow evening. Looking forward to it!


Build up to 10k? That’s what I did and I’m now targeting the half marathon for the spring.


If you can run 5k without stopping, then you are in a position to increase your distance. Do it gradually and don’t be afraid to cut back once in a while too. I found doing the following helped me to reach 10k sooner than planned and without injury:
Monday: recovery run of 3km
Wednesday: tempo run of 3km
Thursday/Friday: recover run of 4km
Sunday: long, slow run 6km

Each week, I would increase the distances by 0.5km or so, sometimes sticking with a 3km recovery run. The tempo run was always done at 3km but I did eventually move up to running 5km at a tempo speed.

After a fair few weeks, it looked like this:
Monday/Tuesday: recovery run 5km
Thursday (when I made time): tempo run of 5km
Sunday: long run 8-10km (I listened to my body and sometimes ran a shorter distance.)

I’m currently playing football on a Tuesday so consider the sprints I do to be like an interval run.

Good luck


Can I post my 5-10km times here? Might motivate me to keep running especially once the clocks go back :joy:


Sage advice, mate.

Please feel free to post your times in here! I’m hoping this challenge will keep a few of us going, your posts will be good inspiration for us.


5km ran in 32 min 11 sec

Proof :joy::

Not my fastest time but happy to be out and about after two weeks off (besides the football).

Felt a twinge in my groin, so the next run will be a gentle recovery run of no more than 3km. Hopefully, it will be ok and if so, I’ll be planning to increase the distance for my long run next Sunday to at least 6km (having to build up to that 10km again-iys amazing how fitness levels diminish with a few weeks off).


Had a crack at this three times so far and always struggled to get past W6, twice cause of illness and once cause I just got waylaid by real life…

W1D1 done today as the sun was going down, unfortunately phone died on me so only got 17mins logged on strava. Note to self, take battery for phone next time and run during daylight or wear gloves!


YESSSS! I’m going to the gym in a few. Honest.


F*ck me.