Couch to 5k Challenge


D1W1, man my legs felt heavy doing this. I’ve not done this for a long time and don’t I just know it now. Got run 2 tomorrow and my legs felt sore this morning.


Keep going but remember to listen to your body. It’s better to cut back if you’re sore: an extra rest day, reduce the distance slightly or do a bit more walking during the run-rather than getting injured and being unable to train at all.


I aimed to get up at 5am this morning to fit a run in.

I managed to leave the pit a 6:10am…


The app I use tells you to take a days rest in between then 2 between weeks.



~week 4 run 3 done last night - i use a treadmill and main problem i find it boredom even when listening to music, is steps up next week to longer runs of 8 mins so any suggestions for relieving treadmill boredom?


I’ve always done it on a treadmill. Would you move to outside or is that something that you are bit comfortable with yet. Maybe weather but where I am I don’t need to worry about that.


I like the treadmill with music on. I keep looking at the timer and giving the fingers to it when it tells me I need to run again.

Hate Sanjeev Kohli as a result.


no way round the boredom really. I have heard Sarah millican is quite the coach. Can’t get that here with being a different jurisdiction.


It’s outside all the way for me. Nothing quite like the joy you feel inside when it’s time to run again just as you get to a hill.


I’ve used a treadmill in the past and run outside. I must say I prefer outdoor running 100%. It’s much easier to control pace, you’re not always looking at the timer and you can prevent boredom by varying the course. However, I suppose you do need to feel comfortable running outside and not in a gym setting where running on a treadmill doesn’t stand out. Also, you need to be aware of your surroundings: traffic, tree roots etc.


I guess I’m using the treadmill more out of convenience but also because when I’ve run outside in the past I’ve always ran too fast and tired way too early so the treadmill helps keep me at a steady pace in that regard, also, in all honesty, I want to venture outside properly when I do park run with my kids which is my target before the end of the year.


Rest day today as I was at Man v Fat, probably get the next run in on Friday evening or Saturday morning.


Having done this, and the 5-10K, and the 10-21… trust the plan. Don’t skip a session, don’t do extra if you’re feeling good, don’t skip your rest days. Some of the jumps seem big, but they’re all manageable. As long as you stick to it, the main challenge is a mental one. Use anything you can to keep on track. Someone on here recommended the app Zombies, Run to me - it definitely helped in the early days. Once you get into it and your 3s become 5s and 8s and 12s, it’s actually less daunting. Get the music on, keep smiling and soak up the surroundings (whether the countryside or the views in the gym…)


Yeah, pacing yourself outdoors can be tricky: either too slow or too fast. Apparently, from what I’ve read/watches online, your natural pace should be one where you could maintain a conversation with someone.


Same here. Played football last night for over an hour and feel a bit sore. Might try and go for a run tomorrow.


Another rest day. Football tomorrow night so won’t be running again. Determined to complete this, so it’ll be Friday or Saturday.


W1D2 completed. A few days late but it’s done. Going to have to run in Saturday now to get next week right.


Will be starting my first week on Tuesday.


Week 1 day 3 this evening. No excuses after two rest days, one planned, one unplanned!