Couch to 5k Challenge


How’s everyone getting on with this?

@choco_bear_strem @Drums1875 - could get posting in here for a bit more accountability if you fancy?


I’ve still been doing it, only on week 3 though, but will plugging away.


Good effort, mate.

I’m looking forward to starting it again in the new year once I’ve had the all clear from the doctors.


Thanks for the heads up @atb88

Decided I needed to change things around so came up with the idea of c25k challenge. I work out in the gym with my lad plus boxercise twice a week when I can. My lad is of travelling in January for 3 months so need an incentive to continue in the gym on my own. I’m currently 315 lb or there abouts. 6’1". Sit soon me arse all day driving trucks around the Midlands.

So the pic is my first day yesterday as it was 1st of the month. Done the 20 mins plan and finished off with a 10 min brisk walk on the treadmill without the app as it was on my phone but took my works phone as it has all my music on plus it’s an iPhone. My Samsung I haven’t worked out how to do my iTunes off it yet.

It’s now Sunday morning and I’m a bit stiff. My heel is a bit sore, but I think I need better trainers. Any recommendations on the trainers. Weather’s good so I might go and watch my grandson play football. He plays in the Birmingham academy and got the villa today so hopefully it’ll be a better result than last week.

Interesting read @Riffman117. I’ll take a loo k at the other way of doing it, check out a local park run to me.


KRO , hope they won, for trainers as you are doing he c25k I would go to Birmingham runner on the Stratford road by haslucks green they can check your gait and get the correct trainers , good luck


With regard to trainers, it’s definitely worth going to a running store to get a gait analysis done by one of the staff. They’ll watch you run on a treadmill to determine how you strike the ground with your feet. You need to match your shoe with your strike as the support within them is geared towards this. Neutral gives you the widest choice of trainers, but a neutral shoe wouldn’t provide the necessary support if you over-pronate, for example.

Once you know your gait, you can then search out an appropriate pair of running shoes. If you can’t get to a running store then you can estimate it by the footprint you leave behind in bare feet (Sports Direct have footpads in store for doing this, or there’s info online).

It’s worth getting done properly, as I saw a huge difference in the amount of knee pain I was getting post-run in the early days of my training after changing running shoes. Like me, the impact will be more relevant for you as a big bloke so it’s worth taking seriously.

If you’re comfortable doing the C25k plan then stick with it, but None To Run is a good alternative if you find it ramps up too quickly for you. A local parkrun is a great environment to run outdoors when you’re ready to do so as it’s a really supportive environment where the slower people are as welcome as those who can run sub-20 minutes.

One suggestion I’d make for treadmill running is to set the incline to 1%, as I’d read that this is a better replicator of running outdoors. I did some of my interval training on treadmill and the other advantage is that it also gives you another adjustment you can make, as an alternative to slowing down, if you’re struggling part-way through. Sometimes, I found that just dropping the incline to 0.5% and subsequently 0% was enough to get me through to the end of a workout.

Good luck with it.


Thank you @kevinb1959 @Riffman117
I’ll look into it.

Yes the boy played well and the won. Didn’t go as needed to pick up my car from the night before and was feeling it still. Pity we couldn’t get the result last week.


And all wins over the Villa are good wins, keep up the good work


Tonights and second c25k run on the treadmill. Found it tough tonight but I suppose it’s to be expected. Was still aching from Saturday. Legs stiff and stomach which I think was from starting to do the plank.

Anyway completed it. Worked on biceps and triceps. Had a good stretch off and finished it off doing the plank again. 5 x 30 sec holds.


Day 3 of my c25k. Struggled a bit but done it. I’m a bit worried that I have a hip injury. My thigh sometimes go numb and tonight I felt it. It might be that I’m moving more and my body needs to adapt.


Day 4 and felt ok. Done this at 9 am. Coped with the extra 30 secs of running per sequence.


Day 5. Struggled today as I’m getting over a cold. Not sure when I’ll get day 6 in as I’ve got a busy weekend starting tomorrow evening with my works do.


Tomorrow morning?


I’m up at 5.30. Leave my house at 6. I don’t think I’ll be up mate.


Just to let you all know I’ve abandoned the c25k as my knee has blown up and my hip is sore. I’ve been a couple of times over crimbo but only managed the rower for cardio workouts but knee still sore.


Sorry to hear that mate, give the knee time to recover before starting again, you will get there. Have a good new year


You’re not the only one who’s given up on it, mate! Hope you recover quickly!


Just thought I’d give an update. Currently still doing this and just completed week 5. I’ve not been doing it as quickly as I’d like but got the sense of achievement for getting this far. Did my last week 5 run today and had to run for 20 minutes, no stopping. I’d never thought at the start I would be running for that long! Just going to keep it up and hopefully complete to week 9.


How did you find it. How old are you by the way. I’m 54 and tried it. Only got to 5 sessions before illness and injury prevented me from continuing. Would to get back to it but worried about my knee. Unsure cus of the weight or lack of use causing the injury.
Well done by the way


A massive Well done for that achievement.:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:
I completed the c25k in march 2018 and I am still running 9 months later.
Week 5 day 3 was a real game changer for me in that my belief that I could actually run started. I had told myself all my life that I could never be a runner because of my size. Everyone in various c25k forums talks about wk 5 day 3 and so consequently I had real anxiety when I got to that point. After completing it I never looked back and I run 3 times a week from 5 to 8k depending circumstances and how I feel.

Keep it going buddy and don’t worry about conforming to the 9 week program as it will take you as long as it takes, just keep going. The health benefits both physically and mentally are immense.