Couch to 5k Challenge


It’s been quite tough, think more of the mental side of things. Cause you think you can’t run for that long, but I’ve just learnt to pace myself and that’s why they teach you. I’m only 20, but still found it tough!


Well done. Keep it. You’ll feel better in yourself when you’re feeling fitter.


I found C25k too tough to complete, but got through the None To Run programme which is similar, but gentler in its progression.

C25k undoubtedly works for a lot of people, but not for everyone, and the target of running a 5k in 9 weeks is actually quite ambitious without a basic level of fitness. I’ve done 16 x 5k parkruns since June, and it’s a distance that I’ve still only run once without any walk breaks, although lately that’s more a recognition that walk/run is actually the most effective way for me to run faster times.

To give an indication, the 20 minute continuous run that morganmurray1998 did in Week 5 is a Week 10 run in the None To Run programme. By Week 12, the final week of None To Run, the goal is to have run continuously for 25 minutes, rather than a goal of running a 5k (which for me still takes over 45 minutes at the moment). Focusing on running for periods of time, rather than achieving a certain distance, is a good mindset to get into.

It’s still challenging to complete, but it’s a much more realistic programme than C25k for people who are significantly overweight, like myself.

The other important factor is that a longer programme reduces the risk of injury, and the first few weeks with relatively little running in them still take some getting used to, in terms of stiff joints (for me, my knees in particular were the issue).


Good advice there @Riffman117. I never heard of the none to run program.

You are so correct when you talk about running for time rather than distance because that’s exactly what I did after wk5 day 3. I basically went it alone and just focused on running for longer every time I went out until eventually I clicked up a 45 minute run and hit my first 5k.

Over time this has come down to 35 mins for 5k and I have ran up to 8k when I am really feeling it.

All said and done, it still feels great to finish :muscle:.


I originally found None To Run via a Google search for “Couch to 5k for obese people”, realising that I needed to do something different after the first C25k attempt 4 years ago.

Even so, I took much longer than the prescribed 12 weeks to complete it. Listening to your body and adapting any programme to your own requirements is a big step to ensuring success.

Some people view not keeping up with the ‘3 workouts per week over x weeks’ as failure, but the timelines are ultimately arbitrary.

Well done on your own success. I’d love to get my 5k time into the 30’s during 2019, but I seem to have hit a plateau at the 47 minute mark for now (first on was 54:10 by comparison).
I’m also signed up for my first 10k’s in March and May, which are the immediate priority in terms of training goals.