Couch to 5k or something better?

Newbie to the site. Well I find myself in a position thinking how did I get here.
Wife left me last year after 15 years and I have basically comfort eaten since then. Now at the heaviest I’ve ever been 196lbs and I’m only 5’6.
So I’ve joined a gym and need some advice. I’m thinking of trying the couch to 5k nhs program but don’t know if that’s good for weight loss or if there’s some gym routine I’d be better doing.
Cheers guys.

Check out the post by @maxnas plenty of nutrition stuff in that as well as loads of info.
Personally I like to walk and spin due to bad knees. The couch to 5k plan I want to use to build fitness. @atb88 has been using it well also.

Mate that’s all really useful thanks so much. Just off to the gym (no really I am!) but will look at signing up to your support group when I get back.
Thanks again

I couldn’t take credit for that. No way. But it wouldn’t do any harm to sign up to the 30 day groups or even the Halloween challenge that’s ongoing.

Yeah I fancy one of the 30 day groups. Thing I’ve decided on the 5-2 plan and just did my first session at the gym followed by sauna so well happy!!

C25K is good. It’s what I did when I first started my “journey” many years ago.
Through a combination of running and watching what I ate I got down to 88.5kg from 116kg.

Up to week 7 run 2, finding it a great form of exercise and really get a good sweat on. In terms of weight / fat loss, a combination of cardio and resistance training is ideal.

Diet is key though, that’s not to be forgotten.