Covid-19 LOCKDOWN - Support, Advice and Guidance

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

With the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, many people are facing some uncertainty regarding their health.

At MAN v FAT, we understand that there are members who may be concerned about not only their physical but also mental well being during this pandemic.

Please use this post to offer a friendly ear to anybody who may be struggling and to share any advice on home workouts which may be helping you through this difficult period.

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I flew to England for a holiday just as things were starting to get really bad here (China). So everyday I was worried about my wife and youngest daughter who hadn’t come on this trip with us. They were still in Guangzhou where the situation was bad but not as bad as other places in China. I was worried everyday for so many reasons: Were they safe? Were they healthy? Did they have enough food?..
My flight back to Guangzhou was cancelled and I had to fly to Beijing (on half empty planes which was not too bad) and then spend 12 hours in Beijing airport waiting for the GZ flight.
I arrived back safe and sound with my daughter and was so happy to see my other daughter again. Security here has been very tight and still is.
I live in a private (not expat) gated compound, it’s a nice place with supermarkets and shops all self enclosed. Non residents are being allowed in now if they provide certain details. Delivery people;, food delivery and couriers are still not allowed in, you have to go just outside to one of the gates that haven’t been blocked off to get your stuff. You must wear masks to enter shops, you can walk outside with your mask off if you are clear of other people but you should pull it up if you see someone approaching.
Parents have seen me coming and crossed their children over the road to avoid me - it was obvious.
The wave of foreigners coming back with COVID19 has upset the balance as it was more or less done here (only theory, I have no stats and won’t argue this point). The way we have been perceived has been pretty bad with some gyms and restaurants not allowing foreigners in. I have had my movements restricted for being foreign but it turned out I was OK as I wasn’t a black person (their words, not mine). Black people are having it worse as all of them in my compund were forced in 14 days home quarantine.
Certain foreigners have not helped the cause as there have been many reports (backed up by video recordings) of foreigners openly flouting the rules here: breaking quarantine and even attacking nurses.
The expat “Oh god I need to go out to bar” "When can we party again?’ attitude hasn’t helped the situation at all.
Now I sit here worrying about my family back in England as deaths there are disturbingly high. Compare the population of China and the population of England and look at the deaths - it’s shocking.
Worry worry worry…But I have been through it. I have so much experience so if you need to talk. I’m here.
Please don’t be offended by the use of “black people” - it’s just the way it is used here. The person I spoke to didn’t say Africans, she simply said black people. Would an English black person have problems here at the moment? I sadly think they would. I am not here for that though. Just to offer advice and listen if needed.