COVID19 - Adjusting our intake

While we’re getting used to our confinement, we need to remember to adjust our calorie intake further downwards. Even if we’re managing our daily walk or run, our levels of “background activity” have most likely fallen off a cliff.

Let’s try not to let the virus thwart our plans.

Stay safe. Wash yer hands.


Oh my intake was adjusted. Lost 19lbs in 11 days, it wasn’t pretty.

Yes, we ended up with COVID-19, including my 20 month old daughter.

I can honestly say I have never been so ill in all my life. It completely messed me up in every way possible.

Good Morning @Darren_Welch

Sorry to hear this, I hope you’ve all fully recovered now?

Kind Regards

Dan Church

Great advice @Doctor_Bong ,

How are you doing during the lockdown?

Kind Regards

Dan Church

Yeah 3 weeks on, missus is struggling a little with day to day tasks, but she is getting there.

I resumed work (from home) yesterday & the little one acts like it never happened.

Good to hear Darren. :+1:t2::clap:t2:.

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This is great to hear :slight_smile:

It’s a challenging period, my wife is in the same boat with the additional home schooling added into the mix

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A month or so on, we are practically all back to where we were before COVID.
I’ve got some weight gain to lose, but started well this week so far.
At least we’re nowhere near the weight of 3 years ago.

Sadly our beloved dog died a week ago & I took that as another excuse & gained 1.7kg out of recent losses. No more excuses.

Sorry for your loss mate.
China is starting out of the lock-down. Children are back at school and couriers (food and parcel) are now allowed back into our complex. Masks are coming off in open spaces but still need to be worn in more confined places (subway, supermarkets etc…)

I THINK I went up to 106kg at some point but have shed a bit. I hit 101.9 the other day, I am 102.4 today.

I wasnt calorie counting so i wasnt that sure how adjust so i mainly just went off how i felt like hunger . In some ways its been easier especially at the start cos there wasnt the temptations like greggs n woteva just make all my stuff at home . Good habit 2 get in2

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