CTC 28/05/18 - A new season begins

Hi all,

Thank you to those who came to registration week last week, and well done to those who still managed to lose weight during seasons! :+1:

For those of you that didn’t attend I will weigh you in on week 1. This means you won’t be able to record a weight loss for your team that week, so won’t be able to score any goals off the pitch.

New Season Information

  • The league will kick off Wednesday 6th June
  • Games will be 7.30, 8.00 and 8.30. We have the pitch 7-9pm this season
  • Please be at the venue 30 mins before your kick for your weigh in
  • You can now score goals for bringing your weeks diet plan in. At weigh in show me your books, apps etc for this (3 players = 1 goal). Here is also your chance for me to briefly have a look at your diet and give you some tips that will help.

Captains - I will be sending you squad lists this week to confirm players numbers, I will then sort the fixtures out for the new season.

Good luck all and keep working hard!