CTC - New Season Information

Hi all,

As the new season begins there are quite a few changes to tell you about. Some of these you will hear more detail about soon but I wanted to give you a heads up as we are starting a new season.

Coaches role

From this week my role and responsibilities have changed slightly to reflect this. What you probably don’t see is how time consuming this role can be and the amount of hours put in behind the scene. Here’s what you need to know:

Whatsapp groups – the main Whatsapp group we currently have we no longer exist as an official group. This will be replaced by a “broadcast only” group ran by Mark and myself. This gives us an opportunity to put into the group the content you need to know as part of the league and saves you sifting through 100s of messages. This will be set up soon and you will all be added in or shown the invite link.

Contact the coach – my availability will now be a 30min session once a week on an interactive Google meet. This will be your only chance to ask questions to myself about the league, nutrition or health in general. Once this is set up I will no longer expect individual players contacting me about any league issues. If anything is urgent then you must go through your captain or vice-captain who will contact me.

Please note that the forum contains lots of information for you about physical activity and nutrition. Questions etc can also be directed to football@manvfat.com. Any payment queries should also not go through myself and you should email payments@manvfat.com

Absence – If you do not attend a weekly session you must let me know in advance, or inform your captain that you will not be able to attend. Failure to do this means you will receive a follow up email for you to respond to. If you do not inform anyone within 7 days that you still wish to play and when you will be returning, you may lose your place in the league if there are players on the waiting list who wish to join. So please think ahead and drop a message to your captain!

Weight Loss

The incentive this season will be heavily placed on weight loss. I am setting an ambitious but achievable target of 180kg loss for the league. That breaks down to 3kg per player over 14 weeks. Which is just over 0.2kg per week. Every player should be looking to lose at least this amount and we need to pull together to do this.

Here is how I’m going to help incentive wise:

Handbooks – as per last season. Every 3 players who bring in a completed weekly food diary (must be in the correct week) or online diary will score 1 goal for their team.

Challenges – Some weeks this season will have team challenges with goal incentives for weight loss. These will be broadcast in the group once set up so keep an eye out for them. This week’s challenge – The team that records the most weight loss for the week will receive a 2 goal bonus!!

As hopefully the teams are fairer on the pitch, the push to win games should hopefully be done off the pitch! But most importantly lets work as a team to have a great season.


The fixtures for the league are now up on the league page. As you know we are back to 8-10pm. I have listened to some of your concerns about having the later kick offs, and have decided to trial an earlier kick off for the final game. So the 9pm game will kick off at 8.30pm also. This is providing all players are here early, have weighed in and are ready to play by this time. As I will be reffing this game I will have double the amount of players to weigh in, so the quicker this is done the quicker you can play. We will do this for the first few weeks and see how it goes.

I hope this helps and will be in touch soon for an update of how these changes have gone. I will no longer be writing weekly forum posts with statistics but will keep you updated in the whatsapp broadcast group.

Have a great season!