CTC - week 1 06/06/18 - Week Review

Hi all,

So this season is well and truly underway with a mixture of returning players, players transferring into new teams and new additions (who have quickly realised how good the level of fitness is!)

Firstly congratulations to the combined (pitch and scales) winning teams for the week – Flapjacks , AC and Lion Bars . A special mention to Flapjacks who are top of the league at this early stage, and were the ONLY team to win on both the pitch and the scale – Well Done!!

Kicking off week 1 with some early season stats:

  • A combined total of 35.7kg loss for all teams
  • Porky Blinders are leading the way with a team loss of 10kg
  • Only 4 player weighed in with a gain this week, all by the slimmest (see what I did there) of margins. Everybody else recorded a loss so a great combined effort all round from everyone

Star of the week

A special mention goes to our biggest weight loss of the week, Richard Bridgewood . An incredible weight loss of 5.2kg to set the standard for the season. Richard clearly means business this season and is going all out for the top scorer and top weight loss awards for the season. Who’s going to challenge him for the title?

Team of the week

Congrats to our top 6 who make up our team of the week!


As you know this season reintroduces the handbooks, part of which you can fill in your weekly eating plan. Every 3 players in your team to show me this at weigh in will score 1 goal for your team. Only one team managed to score points in this area (Flapjacks) meaning lots of goals were lost for a simple win!

Now, you might think this is a waist of time – but I’ve been training people for over 10 years and I know this works. If you put the time in writing down what you eat it gives you a clearer indicator of your eating habits, and you can see what you need to put right to achieve those weight loss targets. You can also bring this in and ask me any question about how to improve your diet and I’ll be happy to help.

Another easy win opporunity missed was on the scales. All winning teams this week were mainly down to the pitch, but this could have been very different. Due to low numbers on registration week, a lot of players couldn’t record a loss this week. However the majority of players that did turn up recorded a weight loss. If everybody had done this again the scales league would be looking a lot different!

What this does show however, is that it’s all to play for. The team that puts in the most effort off the pitch in these two areas will have the best chance of winning the league!

Nutritional Information

Last night BBC1 did a show about carbs. There are a lot of myths bout avoiding these at all costs which are simply not true.

If you have time I advise you all to have a watch of this show. Below is also a link to 10 facts about carbs which may interest you and give you some tips about how to include them in your diet.

Thanks for a good week and let’s push on from this for the rest of the season.

All the best,


This is different class great input Ade top draw :+1:

Thanks Ben,

Great weight loss for you this week, well done! Those gym sessions are paying off.
Hope you managed to get a good kick about tonight too.

Stay tuned for my next post tomorrow…