CTC week 10 - 08/08/18

Hi all,

Congratulations this week goes to Porky Blinders, Flapjacks and AC for their combined wins this week.

As our season comes to a close we have to say well done the Lion Bars for winning the league! Well deserved with consistent pitch performances and a solid weight loss over the season so well done.

A big mention also goes to Porky Blinders for winning the scales league. Only one defeat off the pitch all season shows a great consistent effort despite losing players towards the end of the season. Great stuff lads!

Week 10 stats of the week:

• Total weight loss of 0kg this week. Some great losses this week but it’s sad to say this has been evened out with gains. We need to push on from this, start fresh and make these cup weeks count!
• Total weight loss 131.2kg overall for this season
Flapjacks record the most weight loss this week with a total of 2.2kg.
Spartans lead the way with 30.8kg lost in total. Porky Blinders are just behind with 24.8kg, followed by Sporting with 23.8kg.
• 6 hattricks were scored this week, and again 2 scored a 5%!
• A disappointing total of 10 own goals this week. 10 weeks into the season and 10 of you are above your start weight. Let’s think how important these 4 cup weeks are now. 4 weeks of the season left to not only win a trophy but turn out your weight and record a loss for the season. You can do this!
• Overall 38% of players who weighed in this week recorded a weight loss, 46% gained and the rest stayed at the same weight. This is the first time this season more players have gained than lost.

Star of the week

Another 2 players record a 5% weight loss this week and put pressure on our top scorers for this season.

Well done to Lewis O’Kane and Ben Turnbull!

That’s 10 players who have scored a 5% or more this season. We will finally have a full squad for St George’s park this time!

Team of the week

Congrats to weight loss our top 6 who make up our team of the week!

On the pitch

Some great battling results this week, the final game saw Sporting come from a goal down to win 2-1 and hold on at the end. Flapjacks also played out a hard-fought victory and AC become only the 2nd team to beat Lions on the pitch.

Special mention to skipper Ray for playing on with a broken wrist, in his words “that’s what captains do!” Get well soon!!


Ups and downs with the statistics for the season. Some fantastic achievements from some players which shows with overall weight loss, 5% or more, or for consistently losing weight each week and not gaining. You all know who you are.

This has been balanced out with our current 10 own goals. Not only do you need to help yourself but you also ned to help your team. Let’s use these cup weeks as a chance to have a really good end to the season, reach your goals and help others to do the same.

All the best,