CTC week 14 - End of season review

Hi all,

It’s the end of my first season and I have to say its been a great season which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed, with some great results to celebrate. So this is our end of season review.

Congratulations for the Lions for completing the league and cup double. There has been some consistent performance both on and off the scales for some of you which is well deserved. What tops this off for me is that 2 players won’t be returning to your team next season due to reaching their weight loss goals. Although they will be missed, they have achieved the main purpose of this league, so a massive well done!

End of season stats:

• Total weight loss 124.2kg overall for this season
• Total lost per team for the players left at the end of the season
Porkies – 24.4kg
Spartans – 23.5kg
Lions – 19.3kg
AC – 17.6kg
Sporting – 8.4kg
Flapjacks - -6.9kg
• 7 players achieved a 5% target, and 1 achieved his 10%
68% of players recorded a weight loss, Porkies were the only team where every player recorded a loss!
• Lions won the league and cup on the pitch, but porky blinders won this on the scales!

Star of the season

It goes without saying that the star of the season is Matt Woolley. Not only has he lost an incredible 21.9kg for the season, but he has been helping others in his team with his posts about diet and what he has done to be a success this season. He is the biggest weight loss this season and the top scorer. So double awards for you to collect next week, well done and enjoy the benefits of being a lot lighter now! I hope you can keep this momentum going into next season.

Top scorers

Here are the top 3 top scorers for the season. What this means is these players have achieved the most goals off the pitch for their teams, with a combination of consistent losses each week, hattricks, and 5 and 10%’s!

1st Matt Woolley - 16.5
2nd Richard Bridgewood - 10.5
3rd Tom Brueton/Ben Turnbull - 8.5

Team of the season

14 weeks of hard work and weight loss mean you deserve to be in our team of the season. Well done to you all for being the top 6 weight losses this season!


The season started off really well as the weight was falling off everyone. Then the world cup hit and with beers flowing the results slowed down and we were unable to get this back. A mixture of players dropping out, work commitments and other reasons but as a group we didn’t achieve what our early potential showed we can.

The thing to remember is whatever the reason there is always time to organise your life around being healthy. The key is preparation and motivation. How much do you want it?

Next season I am setting an early target for at least 175kg weight loss for the season and I believe this is easily achievable.

Next seasons plans are to shake up the league with a few player transfers and 2 new teams coming into the league along with a push for new players coming in to each team.

This means two current teams won’t exist anymore but this will give you the chance for a fresh start with some new players to support and work together to hit your targets.

Please note that from next week we are moving back to our 8-10pm slot as the schools are back in town. This means fixtures will be 8, 8.30 and 9pm.

Overall its been a great season and I’m looking forward to the next one!

All the best,

Alright mate. Are there any more leagues starting in the new year for this venue. I started off at the baths a couple of years ago. Would like to have another go.

Hi Newcommer all registered was wondering how long it was approximately to get placed in a team. Thanks