CTC - week 2 13/06/18 - Week Review

Hi all,

Some great results this week, especially off the pitch. With the lure of goal rewards for weight loss and handbook completion everyone is now seeing the difference this can make to the scores and working hard to not let their teams down.

Congratulations this week goes to Spartans, Lion Bars and AC for their combined wins this week. Its early days in the league table but AC are currently leading the way, with their goals scored being a big factor. Looking at the breakdown this is a combination of goals scored both on and off the pitch which shows hard work on both sides of the scale.

A special mention goes to the Porky Blinders as the only team undefeated on the scales score for the opening 2 weeks. Let’s face it; this is what it’s really all about so great team effort here!
Week 2 stats of the week:

• Total weight loss of 43.6kg for week 2. That’s 3.9 kg better than last week!
• Total weight loss 83.3kg overall for this season
Spartans record the most weight loss for week 2 with a total of 11.1kg. That’s nearly a quarter of all weight loss for this week.
Spartans now lead the way with 19.5kg lost in total. Porky Blinders are just behind with 16.5kg, followed by AC with 14.6kg. Great team effort lads!
• Slightly sour note but 5 own goals were scored this week which cancels out the hard work 2 of your team members have put in to lose weight. This is an important week for those players to get back on track to avoid this happening next week.
• Overall 72% of players who weighed in this week recorded a weight loss, with a further 10% maintaining their weight from last week, so well done to all!

Star of the week

This week’s special mention goes to a man I’ve awarded my first ever 5% to, and he’s done it in just 2 weeks of the season!
That man is Matthew Woolley of Spartans. His achievement deserves this mention as he has had 2 consistently good weight losses and in speaking to him this is down to his dedication off the pitch with his nutrition, as well as working hard on the pitch with all of the teams he plays in. Well done Matthew!

I would also like to give congratulations to Thomas Brueton of AC who achieved his 5% also. After a great week for week 1 it was only a matter of time before that 5% was hit, so well done! Apologies as I didn’t notice this until I got home, but I’ll have your certificate for you next week.
It goes to show what can be achieved in as little as two weeks and both are now leading the top scorer chart.

The question is, can they keep this up for the rest of the season? Or will somebody else step up and take charge of the leader board?

Team of the week

Congrats to our top 6 who make up our team of the week!

On the pitch

Some great games of football yesterday with some great goals scored. Bit late for a World Cup call up mind, but the standard is getting better each week.

Shout out to the birthday boy Marvin Gayle, who scored an audacious chip in his game against AC. Let’s hope he’s not celebrating this with too much birthday cake and drinks (unless they’re somehow fat free!)

Nutritional Information

Speaking to you all this week I saw a running theme of breakfast being an issue. Either not having enough time to eat, rushing to eat anything or going without breakfast at all can have a detrimental effect on your diet for the whole day.

To keep things simple, how many of you don’t eat breakfast and either snack when you get hungry on whatever you can get your hands on, scoff your face at lunch or even feel tired all the time?
Setting yourself up in the morning is an easy win to avoid all of these factors. Give your body the nutrients in needs. Remember, you’ve already fasted for at least 8 hours during your sleep (providing you haven’t raided the fridge at 2am) so your body needs fuel.
Aim for around 300-400 calories to kick start your day.

Here are my top tips of foods you can eat:

  1. Berries – a great source of fibre and nutrients to start your day. Raspberries, blueberries, black berries, strawberries mixed with a low fat yogurt.
  2. Eggs – one of, if not the best source of protein. Also don’t be scared of the yolk, good fats are still needed. Make a quick 2 egg omelette with spinach, mushrooms and a bit of seasoning. A table spoon of salsa is also a great option.
  3. Nuts – Same as above, high in fat but the good kind. A small portion of almond or cashew nut butter on a toasted muffin, what’s not to enjoy there?


This link has some great ideas. Yes it’s from a women’s health mag but these ideas are so easy to make, take very little time and taste great.

Vary up what you eat in the morning and try to avoid those sugary simple carb cereals (and yes, I include Weetabix in that!)


Overall I’m very pleased with the work you have put in this week. Everyone seems to be embracing completing their handbooks or doing online apps to record their diet. A few of you did forget though. So just take a picture of it on your phone and show it me on the day!
As many of you brought these in scores were quite even on the weight loss front. But what this shows is forgetting to do this can affect your score. As you know the other team will be getting goals for doing it, so you don’t want to miss out!
The main aim for this is so you build up a picture through the weeks and see what changes you can make to improve what you are eating to hit your goals.

Set yourself a target weight loss goal for this week and smash it!

Leave your comments below, and have a good week!

All the best,

Excellent write up again, enjoy these!