CTC week 3 - 20/06/18 Review

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Some great results again this week, especially off the pitch. This week shows the consistency is key to success in this league as those consistently recording weight losses have massively added goals to their team.

Congratulations this week goes to Flapjacks, Spartans and Porky Blinders for their combined wins this week.

A special mention goes to the Porky Blinders as they are still only team undefeated on the scales score for the opening 3 weeks. They smashed the scales with 3 hattricks, a 5% and 4 other losses. With handbook goals included they scored a total of 11 goals off the pitch! That’s the highest so far this season. Again, this is what it’s really all about so great team effort here!

Week 3 stats of the week:

• Total weight loss of 15.2kg for week 3. We had a great week the week before so this is 30kg less than last week. However…
• Total weight loss is now exactly 100kg overall for this season! For 3 weeks work I’d say that’s a massive achievement!
Porky Blinders record the most weight loss with a total of 4.3kg for the week.
Spartans still lead the way with 22.8kg lost in total. Porky Blinders are just behind with 20.8kg, followed by AC with 20.3kg. The gap at the top is closing, so what team wants to push on and get the most weight loss for the season?!
7 hattricks were scored and we are only in week 3. that means 7 of you have recorded a weight loss every week which is a great result and these scored showed with the games this week.
• We still have a total of 4 own goals in the league but losses were recorded this week. Let’s get back on track and get those numbers down for your teams!
• Overall 65% of players who weighed in this week recorded a weight loss.

Star of the week

2 mentions this week, and both play for, you guessed it – Porky Blinder!!

The first star goes to James Ingley who recorded the highest weight loss this week with 3kg! Really good stuff!
The other star goes to Richard Bridgewood for achieving his 5%. 3 weeks in that’s a great achievement. Going to push for the 10%?

Team of the week
Congrats to our top 6 weight losses who make up our team of the week!

On the pitch

I don’t manage to get out much to watch the footy unfortunately. But I had some good chats with some of you about nutrition which shows how keen you all are to push on this season. I even missed the Spain goal on the huge screen next to me! I clearly like talking about food too much.

But anyway, I did manage to watch some the final game. There was some great talent on the pitch and I saw Kevin Hare of the Lions score 2 of his 3 goals with some tidy finishes. If you came every week Kev image the numbers you’d be on?!

Nutritional Information
As I said above some good talks about food this week. Embracing the books has got you all reviewing your efforts and seeing where you can improve.

So my challenge this week is for you to look at what you’ve done last week and make 1 big change that’s going to help you this week. It could be replacing one of your takeaways with a healthier option, cutting out a certain food (from what I’ve seen cereal would be a good one to remove here with all that sugar content) or making more of an effort with your lunches or even snacks in the day.

Speak to me next week and let me know how you get on!

Below is a great recipe for something I see you all love…PIZZA! You can make these in no time at all, they taste great, and you can put extra of your fav (healthy) toppings on!


My highlight for this week is seeing the consistency kick in for a large majority of you. You’re setting the standard and hopefully you can see the benefits.

For those still waiting to kick start your season, seek advice from those doing well or myself. What do you need to do to start hitting your target numbers? Comment below and let me know!

All the best,

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