CTC week 4 - 27/06/18 Review

Hi all,

Congratulations this week goes to Spartans, Lion Bars and Flapjacks for their combined wins this week. A close combined game in the final game between AC and Spartans where the difference came down to handbooks brought in, which gave Spartans the decisive goal. Porky Blinders still lead the scales table, 4 games in and still undefeated. Great effort lads! A massive 23 goals scored off the pitch shows exactly why you are there.

Week 4 stats of the week:

• Total weight loss of 11.1kg for week 4. Down 4.1kg from last week
• Total weight loss 111.1kg overall for this season
Porky Blinders record the most weight loss for week 4 with a total of 3kg.
Spartans lead the way with 23.7kg lost in total. Porky Blinders are just behind with 22.4kg, followed by AC with 21.6kg. Great team effort lads!
• Another 7 hattricks scored this week so 7 goals for your teams for losing weight 3 times this season! If you see how close the scores are this week they have made the difference
• We are now down to 4 own goals compared to 5 last week. Keep up the hard work let’s not let our teams down. Remember there’s plenty of support from myself, the forum and your teams to get you back on track
• Overall 57% of players who weighed in this week recorded a weight loss, with a further 18% maintaining their weight from last week, so well done to all!

Star of the week

Star of the week (again) goes to Matthew Woolley with a 2kg loss this week. That’s the most from one player by over 0.5kg. He has been consistently losing each week and is very close to his 10% already. He is top of the scoring charts too.

I know Matty is working harder than ever this season not only to lose weight but help others and is really setting a good example. Keep up the hard work!

Team of the week
Congrats to weight loss our top 6 who make up our team of the week!

On the pitch
Well done to Lions, Flapjacks and AC for their wins on the pitch this week.

Lions are leading the way undefeated on the pitch this season. I hear this is down to some great goalkeeping and consistent scoring from Woody. I didn’t think he had it in him, but I did see him score one last night so it must be true. There other goal came from Matt Hemus with a great shot into the top corner. Captain Hipkiss takes all the credit of his tactical leadership, I’ll let you decide if that’s true. But well done lads, if you can get your weight scores as good as your pitch you’ll be top of the league!

Nutritional Information

Speaking to some of you this week the topic seems to be replacing snacks and foods for healthier options and having the time to prepare.

My challenge for you this week is to check the items you eat and drink that you think are “healthy” but actually aren’t.

Items in handbooks I’ve seen this week range from cereal bars for breakfast, to flavoured water. But do you know the high sugar content these choices have? So switch out your sugary drinks to water, even the off tea, coffee and green tea will be better for you. If you are having a drink watching the England game drink plenty of water on the side. Consider your sugary mixer and replace with a tonic or soda water. You’ll see a difference on the scales in no time!


Another close week overall which just goes to show individual weight loss, bringing your books in completed and showing up each week is vital to your team’s chances this season.

Speaking to some of you who are embracing tracking what you eat, you are the people that are leading the weight loss and it’s clearly paying off. So good work to you all. Let’s keep this up this week. Even thought the world cup is on keep track of what you are eating and drinking. If you are going to treat yourself keep it in moderation and do it only if you deserve it for working hard.

All the best,