CTC week 5 - 06/07/18

Hi all,

Congratulations this week goes to Spartans, Lion Bars and Flapjacks for their combined wins this week. Spartans and Lions ran away with it this week, but Sporting fought hard this week for their win and after a tight game it was won by one goal off the pitch!

Week 5 stats of the week:

• Total weight loss of 3.8kg for week 5. Down 7.3kg from last week. A lot of gains this week which I guess is down to the football, so weight loss played a big factor in wins this week for those who managed to achieve this!
• Total weight loss 114.8kg overall for this season
Porky Blinders record the most weight loss for week 5 with a total of 3kg.
Spartans lead the way with 30.6kg lost in total. Porky Blinders are just behind with 22.6kg, followed by Sporting with 19.4kg. Great team effort lads!
• A massive 9 hattricks scored this week so 9 goals for your teams for losing weight 3 times this season! Despite the week being not so good compared to others this season, some of you are still pushing to consistently lose weight, so well done to those people!
• We are still at 4 own goals this season which coming up to the half way point of the season needs improving! If you are struggling speak to me or your teams but we can’t keep letting our teams down who are doing so well to score goals off the pitch.
• Overall 56% of players who weighed in this week recorded a weight loss which is the same as last week. However, 39% of you gained which is the highest it has been all season.

Star of the week

This week’s star goes to Rob Terry of Sporting with 2.5kg lost this week, over 0.5kg higher than anyone else! So well done Rob.

Congratulations also goes to Dale Freeman of Spartans for achieving your 5%. That definitely played a part in your teams win this week and moves you to 2nd in the individual top scorers chart. So well done!

Only 6 players recorded 1 kg or more loss this week and those make up our team of the week!

Team of the week

Congrats to weight loss our top 6 who make up our team of the week!

On the pitch
Well done to Lions and Porkies for their pitch wins this week. Porkies v Sporting seemed a close game score wise which meant it came down to weight loss to decide. That’s want we want from this league!

Didn’t get to see much this week but I did hear Kev scored another great goal for Lions again…can anyone stop their momentum on the pitch? Undefeated on the pitch with only 4 goals conceded. Will they take the pitch title?

Nutritional Information

Not too much to report this week as most of you didn’t bring your books in!!

But a few chats this week I can see a lot of you need some quick wins and replacements for some of the foods you are eating. So this weeks topic is bread and the choices you can make to eat healthier options containing lower salt and sugar. Below is a link which ranks a few options. Have a think about this next time you pick up a loaf!



A stalemate seems to be approaching as the half way mark of the season comes closer. After a great start collectively, the numbers are slowing down and I know without doubt it is down to the good weather and England’s success.

As much as I want us to get to the final I also want you all to do well over these next few weeks. Think about the choices you are making while the football is on and make sure you are tracking this. Do you need that 5th, 6th or 7th beer? Do you need that many snacks to watch the game? Can you pick a better alternatively if you are choosing to eat and drink?

Let’s see a big improvement next week.

All the best,