CTC week 7 - 18/07/18 Review

Hi all,

Congratulations this week goes to Porkies, Lion Bars and AC for their combined wins this week. AC and Porkies won both on and off the pitch this week, and Lions lost by 2 goals on the pitch but won it overall thanks to 2 hattricks off the pitch. Most importantly, all their players who weighed in this week recorded a loss, which shows a great teamwork. Maybe its post World Cup effort, but the fact is you earned your win this week, so well done!

Week 7 stats of the week:

• Total weight loss of 2.5kg this week. Down 1.3kg from last week. A real mix of results this week. Some of you are clearly working hard and have done well this week, but that’s blended with a lot of gains also. Team effort is needed here to get back on track. Talk more within your groups, help those who need it or share what’s working for you.
• Total weight loss 112.5kg overall for this season
Lion Bars record the most weight loss this week with a total of 4.5kg. 4 teams GAINED weight it total, we are clearly at a mid-season tiredness that needs to be fixed.
Spartans lead the way with 31.8kg lost in total. Porky Blinders are just behind with 22.2kg, followed by Sporting with 19kg.
6 hattricks were scored this week, and also a 5% and 10%!
• A total of 8 own goals are now recorded. Some of these are only slightly however still above your start weight. Others have been carrying this for a few weeks. This is a high number to be carrying so we need to find a way to fix this in time for next week.
• Overall 49% of players who weighed in this week recorded a weight loss, however 37% gained and the rest stayed at the same weight.

Star of the week

This week we have 2 stars for the week. Both recorded the highest weight losses for this week and both hit a % bonus, so well done to…

Matt Woolley - 2.5kg loss for this week means he hit his 10%!!
Andy McCutcheon - 2.8kg loss this week and 5% hit!!

Both are now 1st and 2nd in the leaderboard so this is the standard to aim for!

Only 6 players recorded 1 kg or more loss this week and those make up our team of the week!

Team of the week

Congrats to weight loss our top 6 who make up our team of the week!

On the pitch

Well done to Porkies, Flapjacks and AC for their pitch wins this week. Seeing a few of the games this week and putting my scouting hat on – games were won based on team work. There was dedication to track back, good communication, passing and moving and always a player in space who wanted the ball. That was the difference on the pitch this week.


As stated above things are slowing down and the excuses are starting to come in. Only one team brought in enough books to score a goal this week (I’m only asking for 3!) which shows most of you aren’t tracking what you are eating. I can’t help if I don’t see what you eat!!

So let’s get focused on what we are here for. Think about what you are struggling with and come up with easy solutions to your problem. Is it lack time? Cravings? Snacks? Alcohol? Not motivated? Whatever the reason is there’s always a solution so let’s find a way we can improve this week and hit our targets.

All the best,