CTC week 9 review 01/08/18

Hi all,

Congratulations this week goes to Porky Blinders, Lion Bars and AC for their combined wins this week.

Week 9 stats of the week:

• Total weight loss of 12.5kg this week. Up 5.7kg from last week.
• Total weight loss 131.2kg overall for this season
Lion Bars record the most weight loss this week with a total of 6.9kg.
• Spartans lead the way with 29kg lost in total. Porky Blinders are just behind with 25.6kg, followed by Sporting with 24kg.
• 9 hattricks were scored this week, and 2 scored a 5%!
• A total of 7 own goals down 2 from last week, so well done to those who are back on track.
• Overall 58% of players who weighed in this week recorded a weight loss, 25% gained and the rest stayed at the same weight which is an improvement from last week.

Star of the week

This week’s star is a joint award as 2 players got their 5%

Alan Beech of the Porky Blinders, and John Littlewood of Lion Bars, take a bow!!

Team of the week

Congrats to weight loss our top 6 who make up our team of the week!


Much improved from last week as a group. At one end of the scale those doing well are not getting consistent losses, hattricks and to the 5% level. Maybe this time we will have a full team for SGP in December!

And at the other end, those scoring own goals and a few gains over the last few weeks are back on track. Really pleased but there’s still time to turn this season around for some of you. 5 weeks left…let’s get some good results leading into this cup run…

All the best,