Cup final ends in a draw 7-7



What an exciting end to the season The leftovers v kebaberdeen for the cup.

The leftovers v kebaberdeen battling out individually for weight loss top goalscorer award.

The weight loss top goalscorer was a draw with Marios hadjianastasis and Marvin Gregory both achieving 16.5 weight loss goals out of a maximum 17 well done both :clap: special mention also to Craig Farney who pushed you both all the way.

The cup was also a draw between the two teams with The leftovers 2 goals ahead from handbooks and kebaberdeen winning the pitch game by 2. Weight loss goals was also a tie. Great battle by two great scale and pitch teams played in a really positive atmosphere end to end.

Weight loss team of the week for week 14 in reverse order
1/Nathan butler and Rob Tolley 1kg weight loss
2/Steven Leonard 1.2kg weight loss
3/Marvin Gregory 1.4kg weight loss
4/Rhys Winston 1.4kg weight loss
5/james Bayliss 1.5kg weight loss
6/nasser Younas 1.6kg weight loss

Amazing loser award to Marvin Gregory for a brilliant achievement of 19cm from waist. 15.22% weight loss and 18.2kg :clap::clap::clap:

Weight loss team of the season in reverse order
1/Sean Matthews 8.8kg weight loss
2/Nathan Butler 8.8kg weight loss
3/Craig Farney 9.8kg weight loss
4/Pete Rhodes 10kg weight loss
5/Marios hadjianastasis 14.2kg weight loss
6/Marvin Gregory 18.2 kg weight loss

Season end tally of 264kg weight loss
It’s been hard for some to reconnect after Christmas but hopefully this helps new month new season approaches will it be one day or day one