Cup week 1 in Telford

First of all thank you for such a positive reaction to the switching up of teams three weeks in and it is paying off.

Today we saw 3 very close games.

Game 1
Reds v yellows with reds winning on the pitch 6-4 and winning the fixture 14-8 overrall.

Reds lost 7kg in the week 20.5kg season to date and had 3 hattricks and the first 5% of the season a big well done to Mike Bowness leading the way, tracking recorded and matching his food efforts with couch to 5k. Great achievement 5% loss.

Yellow team gained 1.5kg this week but had 2 players with a hattrick and have still lost 14.8kg so far this season

Black and green was the second match of the night 4-4 on the pitch and scales would be the key to deciding this one. Both teams having a quiet scales week although a combined 15.2kg for season so far is a good start from both teams.

Last fixture of the night Saw oranges win 6-4 on the pitch and this was overturned by blues on the scales in no small way by John Price who came to weigh in and lost weight even though injured and came to support his team this extra number helped the blues to a 10-9 victory overrall aswell as the 3 hattricks on the scales by his team.

Weight loss is upto 80.6kg at end of week 3.

If you know anyone interested in playing we have spaces and the oranges are the next team we are looking to increase

Weight loss team of the week

  1. Mike Bowness 2.2kg 5% and a hattrick
  2. John price 2kg injured but contributed to team
  3. Sean Mcfarlane 1.8kg loss and hattrick
  4. James Stuart 1.6kg loss
  5. Leigh Clarke 1.2kg loss

Following lockdown and now the pubs are starting to open up please take a look at the above and supporting links

The NHS has some great resources if you want to cut down on your alcohol intake.

This is a good alcohol unit and calorie calculator which features many popular brands. Did you know that you’d have to run for 12 minutes to burn the same number of calories that are in a half pint of Peroni?

One You (a government initiative to help people get healthy) makes a handy free app to help you track your alcohol intake, figuring out how much you spend on alcohol a week and helping you to pledge to keep certain days alcohol-free. iTunes:
Google Play store:

If you feel that your alcohol consumption is becoming a real problem, you can find details on where to go for professional help here:

Next week sees the league games recommence
Oranges take on the yellows

Blacks and greens do battle again following on from tonight’s draw on the pitch and scales.
Last up is the in form red team up against blues.

We nearly got there tonight on the tracking challenge when reds had 80% tracking, I will roll the tracking challenge over if 100% of your team track next week you get a bonus 3 goals. There is a strong connection between losing weight and tracking your calories, meals and exercise. It’s easier to turn a high calorie day around as your closer to your progess. Try it. Pen and paper at the ready.

Do you have Facebook and follow the manvfat community page ? There was live chat in the week about challenges in your team to drive the weight loss it’s worth a listen.