Cup week 1 west Brom league

Welcome to the league to newcomers Paul Byrne and Daniel Glover and Wayne Kozic.

Welcome back to league after a break to Mark Palmer and welcome back to first week back after lockdown to Steve White, Stu White that first step can be the biggest and most important one of getting back into the routine and everything else can follow in terms of changes through out the week to get to where you want to get to.

The positive is we have achieved before and we have people around us who have achieved before and are currently to act as support and inspiration.

Well done to psv who became the second team to get back into a cumulative loss for the season as a team.

Psv are at 3.9kg for the season after tonight with VARsity club up to 41.8kg losses for the season and that’s taking into account any gain during the 6 month break. What an achievement guys :clap:

5%s approach and teams nearing cumulative losses and this can be the motivation for the week ahead if you know your on track for your 5% tell your team mates as nothing works better than bringing them along on your focus so you achieve together.

Here’s some meals and snacks I have had these last few days for ideas as knows snacking can cause concern for your week

Weight loss team of the week dominated by VARsity club.

  1. Simon Morley 3kg loss VARsity
  2. Kieron Flores 2.8kg loss VARsity
  3. Rob Senior 2.6kg loss VARsity
  4. Jeff Dutton 2.5kg loss Nachos
  5. Bruce Dyas 2.4kg loss PSV
  6. Ebs Samuel 2.2kg loss VARsity
  7. Ronnie Harris 2.2kg loss VARsity

Saturday it’s charity 60 min 11aside v oldbury league 3pm ko should be a good game and raise money for Birmingham women’s and children hospital in memory of Mark Piggott one of our oldbury players who sadly passed away during lockdown of coronavirus. Contributions are £5 per player to play. Let me know if interested. I will be reffing.

Next week sees some interesting games with return to league action with Quakers up against Pie in the sky blues both teams matched up in recent cup finals and had some good games in the past.

Two form teams come head to head in our second game with PSV v VARsity both back in cumulative losses and on form on pitch and scales.

Our third game sees FC twenty stone vs Nacho average team.

A reminder there is bonus goals available there is 2 once your team is in a cumulative loss situation for the season, if you need to know how close your team are to help with focus and motivation let me know.

There are also the below weekly challenge bonuses
1 bonus goal for each of the below most of which should be happening anyway:

1 goal - If all attending players filled in the weekly self assessment by 7.30pm on game day. Saves me chasing around after it.
1 goal - if all attending players fill in perceived rate of exertion against exercise in your tracking.
So we can start pushing harder with exercise to get better results and improve weight loss and stamina.
1 bonus goal if as a team lose 5kg or more in a game week. Avg of 0.5kg per player.
A reminder to screenshot your tracking on game day and send over for tracking goals.