CV hit us all bad aint it

Guys of ManVFat,

Most of us will have seen the video shared tonight those who cares enough to hear it through will know that CV has really hit everywhere hard not just ManVFat.
But with the options available soon I’m going to personally go for the £19.99 option
This is why…

I’ve met some great people in my league and if it wasn’t for these people and coach I dunno where I would be. It’s more than just a league and football the weight loss is great the trophies and medals are great but the other aspects towards mental health having people to talk too in your team and league and even wider on these forum should you use it.
I look at it for the price of a takeaway I could be eating something else which is better for me and my family and also be helping ManVFat stay in a better position hopefully some read this and share the same thoughts

Be safe all, keep your journey going let’s light up the forum and the Facebook pages , let’s keep in touch with each other

All the best lads Paul :+1:t2:


Good Morning Paul,

Thank you for the kind words.

How are you finding MAN v FAT Challenge?

Kind Regards

Dan Church