Daily Mail reviews MVF Online groups

Some good news from the Daily Mail! We’ve had one of their journalists @chubster doing a MVFIA group and his report is in…

For the purposes of today and out of respect to Brian’s employers, let’s skip over the bit where we air our views about the DM!

If you’re just turning up here for the first time, this is how you join the groups: (and yes, THEY’RE FREE!*)

*Already answered three emails asking what the scam is :smiley:


Id get a new wife by the sounds of it :smiley:
Great article though - and highlights the stigma around men and diets. Since being on this website, I literally will tell anyone that I am dieting - whats the problem in looking after yourself?

Being part of a team with a journalist in (sorry Shan) made me a bit sceptical at first but we all got stuck in and all credit to the guy he has written a really good article. Hope it raises more interest.


Definitely - thanks to the guys in MVFIA Brick for accepting Brian with open arms. I think it goes to prove that there’s a really supportive atmosphere on here.

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That’s actually one of the best male weight loss articles I have read in some time.


I think it is also safe to say this has been a raging success!


Tell me about it!

Its also confirmation that there are blokes like us out there still scratching their head as to where to get help. This creates a greater need to get this site out there and find these lads that are in desperate need of a place to come, to avoid talks about the menopause !


@chubster was a great team member of team brick last MVFIA time round. His article is bang on. 100% accurate. I know a few of us were concerned about the Daily Mail connection beforehand. I’m certainly no Daily Mail fan but he was honest, contributed and didn’t stitch us up at all.


Well it has certainly increased the numbers here - we must be up to 5 new groups this week now - Shan will need a holiday and deep tissue massage by tomorrow now to help cope with the pressure :beach_umbrella:


I enjoyed reading the article. When I read that the Daily Mail had written an article I opened the online page with trepidation. I’m not a big fan of any newspaper to be honest, as I have seen hatchet jobs in all of them.
For me, MANvFAT are my band of brothers. We are all struggling with our weight and cheering each other on, and picking each other up when things get hard.
I didn’t want to see MvF get trashed in the press.
It was a pleasant surprise then, to read a supportive positive article.
Thanks @chubster for becoming a Bro and giving other guys who don’t know about MvF the chance to lose the weight with other guys who understand how their minds and bodies truly work.

I’m so proud of the fact that that’s what’s happening on the site. It really does have a hugely positive atmosphere, there’s very little sniping (most of that is from me anyway:) and in the MVFIA groups guys are going to great lengths to support each other.

It’s almost like the mainstream media view of men as beer-swilling idiots is…wrong?

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It’s not just food issues we are tackling in our groups. Some of us have bigger issues that are just as important to find solutions to. In my current group we are still five guys together, stuck like glue posting at least twice a day. To be honest. At times it’s more like therapy that a diet group.

There is no one simple reason why we are all fat. We have to look for the reasons and solve those first. Losing weight comes as a byproduct of solving the bigger life issues we all face.

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My wife read it and agreed with the smug thing

I think she would be happy if I never mentioned losing weight or running again


Great article… skimming down through the posts is certainly an eye opener. Definitely needs a more supportive wife though.

Happy memories

This was the article that got me hooked on MVF. I joined next day and am now 52 pounds the better for it!!


Good stuff, people rarely admit to reading the Mail :wink:

You’re obviously welcome all the same!

I get the Daily Mirror and the Daily Mail. The Mirror to remind me why I vote labour and the Mail … to absolutely remind me why I vote labour!! :slight_smile:

Oh and the odd good articles!

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It’s strange, but having never heard of ManvFat before I’ve now read two reviews in national newspapers!

I’m yet to really get to grips with the site (2nd time on) but I like the idea of the 3 day group challenge!

A bit late to this party but that is a good write up. So many negatives in the DM comments section though…get a grip people!
@chubster are you still around here?