Dan v Fat - 9 months in, 7st out


So i started my weight loss journey back in January this year at a staggering 24st 6lb (another new years resolution to lose weight, but this time… not a failed one!)

I got married back in October of last year and it is meant to be one of the happiest days of your life (Don’t get me wrong it was) but it was also spoiled by memories of how awful i looked and felt on that day.

I saw MvF football advertised online just before Christmas and knew this would be a golden opportunity for me to not only get back into football which i had wanted to do for many years but to turn my life around and lose weight at the same time.

In my first season i lost 16kg, as well as winning the league and cup with my team Dynamo Kebab.
Season 2 had been more successful for me off the pitch than on as we came runners up in the league however i managed to lose 19.6kg and bagged the biggest loser award.

Here i am 9 months in, 7st lighter, 14 inches off my waist and a top size smaller and i have nothing but praise for the team who created ManvFat as it has been a key part to my success.

For anyone who is just starting their journey… be patient, be consistent and you will see results just like i have.

All the best!



Brilliant read mate and well done. You need to get your badges - I think they need to create one for f@@king amazing!
All the best!


cheers pal! i will look into that


Amazing mate! Whats made the biggest difference? :slight_smile:


as in what mate? :slight_smile:


Incredible, I’ve seen your progress before but it’s really mindblowing. Well bloody done.


Smashed it, mate! Well done.


Thank you :pray:


Thank you :smiley:


Wow that is some excellent progress, way to go!


That is such an amazing achievement! Well done Dan!


Awesome stuff m8!


inspirational reading mate - and i second everything you have said about ManvFat. I know that we are told that it is us that puts in the hard yards and they just put the wheels in motion, but if they hadnt there wouldnt be these success stories.
I am 11 months in and have dropped 8 stone and know for certain that without MVF I would have yoyo-ed myself into an early grave!!
Well Done again and keep those photos handy to remind you of what you have achieved!!


It is…it’s so amazing mate!
You’re gonna push me through my last 10kg.


Well Done matey!

Random one, did you get awarded bonus goals for hitting 15% and 20% weight loss targets?


Unfortunately not, I do think this is something @Manvfat should really look into as people can and will achieve losses on a scale where this is achievable and it isn’t being rewarded. I get that they don’t want to promote extreme losses but i have safely lost it without making myself ill in any way, shape or form so feel this is something that needs to be considered.


Keep going mate! you got this! :muscle::clap:


Yeah, I definitely hear the argument for a reward for 15%+ but it just doesn’t work with the stats. It absolutely can be done safely especially when someone has a lot of weight to lose. However, we know our players. If someone joined who was just BMI 27.5 but they were really competitive and they knew that there was a 15% goal then they’d lop off an arm to make sure they hit it. It’s safer all round to stick to the 5 and 10%.


Maybe some extra incentives based on BMI ranges?

That way you can target certain areas rather than make it a free for all like you mentioned.

I believe their already is an award for those who maintain their BMI in a safe range, It would certainly encourage those in the higher range with additional rewards :slight_smile:


Not a bad idea but it just has so much variation that we’d need to be very careful about how we stipulated it. Will ponder on it and if you have any insights then let me know!