Dan's daily log

Start weight 15st 10lb

Day 1

Good day today, only day 1 but plenty of good food consumed and feeling upbeat

1568 Cal, 6072 steps


Day 2

Eaten very well again today, had to get up 4.45am so the day has felt longer. Eaten slightly more but still under target of 2000 cal. Gona try some yoga tonight, should be entertaining!!

Update: yoga is a definite yes! Only did a 10 minute beginner YouTube video but feel much better for it :blush:
1880 cals, 5500 steps


Day 3

Start as you mean to go on, up at 4.45, In gym by 5.15. Short but sweet session. 30 step overs, 6 kettle bell runs, 10 medicine ball slams x 5, 30 sec rest between sets. Light over head press 20, chest press 20 and bent over row 20 x 2

Another clean eating day, I’ve noticed less craving for junk today. Tonight will be finished off with another short yoga sesh.

1700 cals, 9300 steps

Day 4

Day 4 started at 1am to a crying baby so I’m absolutely exhausted today. Usually eat everything in site when I’m tired so I’m very happy to have stayed on track. Early night tonight!

6300 steps, 1900 calories

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Day 5

Another decent day, treated myself to a cheeky muffin but had extra healthy meals to stay on track. Late evening gym session to come

8300 steps, 1950 cals

Day 6

Didn’t make last nights gym sesh so up at 5am and had an early weight sesh today. Decided to weigh a day early for convenience 15st 5lb good first week - 5lb
The day itself has been manic, clocked 16000+ steps a nice little cooked breakfast for dinner but still managing around 1900 cals for the day

17400 steps, 2000 cals

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Day 7

DOMS today, had an easy day today, Sunday lunch with lots of veg and a light walk down the park. Chill out evening

Steps 5000, 1900 cals

Day 8

Some slight cravings today, days off work are definitely harder. But thankfully the cravings past quickly. Bit of yoga this evening and back in the gym in the morning

3800 steps, 1800 cals

Day 9

Struggle with back pain today so no exercise just stretching. Calorie intake still on par for the week so reasonably day

7000 steps, 1800 cals

Day 10

Still struggling with back pain today so gym was a no go but rather than do nothing took a morning walk 5000 steps. Reasonable day on the food, did treat myself to a custard slice but still remained on calorie target for the day.

13500 steps, 2000 cals

Day 11

Almost a replica of yesterday, back pain! Again tho I got out for a morning walk. 2 slices of pizza and chocolate bar has taken me slightly over my target cals.

11600 steps, 2185 cals

Day 12

Wasn’t t a very clean eating day as such today but still came in bang on calorie target

9500 steps 2030 cals

Days 13/14

2 days written off. Out for the football ended up with copious amount of alcohol then followed by a day of hangover and snacks did manage +10,000 both days tho

Days 15/16

Back to feeling alive after the ruff weekend. Not the most active these two days but calories kept to around 1600

Day 17

Unhealthy breakfast, a colleague bought me a mc Ds but considering this the rest of my day was very clean. Did yoga last night and will attempt again tonight. Trying to keep exercise low impact due to back pain

8500 steps 1950 cals

Day 18

Good healthy meals today, just a handful of nachos as treat this evening.

6400 steps, 1980 cals