Day 13, Monday 18th Jan 2016


Creating this, I think!

This morning has been a food-free one so far. I’m having a tin of tuna for lunch, possibly with some natural yoghurt if it hasn’t gone off yet.

Tonight, the plan is a tofu stir-fry with plenty of veg and not too much tofu.

Does anyone know where I might find some proper sauerkraut in the UK - all the stuff I can find in supermarkets is pasteurized, which makes the whole exercise pointless!

I’ve managed to convince the other half to read the ‘8-week blood sugar diet’ and she’s now converted, in principle. We’ll see how it goes in practice. If you haven’t read it, I’d recommend it.

My foot appears to be responding to commands again, and therefore I aim to catch up with the lost steps over the next week and restore my 10,000-a day average. I’m also planning to visit the gym as from this evening; the aim is 3 x HIIT (Michael Mosley’s version) which will, for me, be something like 30 mins on the Erg at a relatively gentle pace, with 3 x 20secs/40secs rest somewhere in the middle.

I’m also aiming to do 2 x overall weights sessions a week - simple, heavy stuff like squats, bench presses, deadlifts and shoulder presses to begin with, and then start something a bit more in tune with my rowing aspirations once the body’s got used to handling weights again.


Hi @BigTed Looks as though you have posted this in the main MVFIA section rather than in your group area :smile:


Hey BigT, notwithstanding Mike’s correct observation, it’s interesting to see random posts from MvF fellows. Your exercise regime looks promising as long as it’s not an excuse to eat a mountain of carbs either before or after.

With best wishes…