Day Zero...before joining a group


Signed up yesterday so not yet assigned to a group, But why wait? Today’s plan:
0) Starting point (750am): 85.2kg in shreddies and socks, after poo. BTW, I’m 5’8", so BMI = 28.

  1. Just like an athlete, strive for a personal best (PB) today, without worrying unduly about tomorrow, except for…
  2. START WITH WHY* I’m doing this? (a) So that next time and every time there’s a chance to do active stuff with my grandkids (x4, ages 8, 4, 4 and 3), I have enough energy to take that chance and, when I do, I can keep up with them or, when it gets competitive, still beat them. (b) Because yesterday, I overdid lunch with two pieces of white toast with butter and marmalade, then scoffed about 10 After Eights that Mrs GA found at the back of a cupboard. (*With thanks and acknowledgement to author Simon Sinek)
  3. Breakfast: None needed, not hungry. Water and tea will get me to 1230pm without difficulty.
  4. Mid-morning exercise (1030am): After a productive 2.5hr work session, 30-min walk-run using CouchTo5k app. 250ml whole milk recovery drink. Water. Return here for a browse.
  5. Lunch: Poached egg, smoked mackerel, lots of salad with toasted seeds sprinkled on top. Zero carbs. Water.
  6. Afternoon reward (430pm): 100g full fat organic yogurt with 20g peanut butter (melted) stirred in. Water.
  7. Tea (730pm, I’m a northerner) when Mrs GA gets home from work: Cottage pie topped with sliced courgette rather than spuds, lots of above ground green veg. Water. Return here and post end-of-day-zero summary. Relax.
  8. Bedtime: Water & redbush tea. Sleep like a contented baby.
  9. Repeat six days a week.
    SIMPLES. There are five weeks until 23 December. Do this 30 times by then, lose 5kg, find nearly new 32" waist trousers at back of wardrobe and wear them. Meanwhile, don’t tell anyone at home, just wait and see if/when they notice changes for the better (not just weight, but mood, enthusiasm, getting-more-done, etc).

Best wishes to fellow MvFs, especially fellow debutants.


I like it!


Sounds like a plan !! Good Luck !!


I’m glad to see there were no perceived diet foods in your post.
Fat free supermarket foods often mean "Added Sugar"
Your body will respond to natural fats sooner and your brain will recieve the “I’m no longer hungry” message faster. Sugar will make your brain crave more food.
One 100 cal portion of food with fat content will fill you up faster than 100 cal fat free food. You could find yourself eating three of the fat free foods resulting in eating 300 cal to achieve the same, no longer hungry signal to the brain.

Good work on your Day Zero and welcome to MvF.


Thank you, sound advice well received. Low fat yogurts that are 20%+ sugar really bother me.


Couch to 5k is where I started. Running 25k a week now but still edging closer to under 90kg

Keep at it


I have recently started adding coconut oil (not coconut cream or coconut butter) to a few of my meals. I am using it for cooking instead of butter or olive oil and I add about a tablespoon into my shakes and smoothies. On top of imparting a bit of nice coconut aroma to everything (it really has no flavor), I have found that it makes me FEEL fuller and more energetic than when I was trying to pinch out every calorie. I have only been doing this for a few days, but my running hypothesis is that because my brain feels nourished by the high-quality fats in the coconut oil, it is not making me hungry and decreasing my tendency to graze at the office, resulting in a net decrease in caloric intake.

I have ordered some MCT oil to see if that has the same effect, but we will see.

Good job @GrandadActive!