Dec 10 - do your old clothes fit?

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I bought an Xmas jumper last year and it didn’t fit then and still doesn’t but I know it will next year. I’ve a bag of T-shirt’s and things that were always too small and I’m in the process of going through those now

None of my Christmas jumpers fit. In fact I fit into most of my wife’s! 4 bags of old regular clothes and suits put in the attic (just in case I put weight back on - will go to charity after a year) So happy for all the changes MANvFAT has helped me to make!

What do you mean last years Christmas jumper!..Currently none of my clothes are feeling particularly loose! Time for a change me thinks!

My weight tend 2 go up + down a fair bit so iv got loads that dont fit, some to big some too small. I keep them all cos u never kno when they will fit again. I only chuck them if they r propa out of fashion. I once got some lush trackies when i was about at my thinnest, i was THAT close 2 fit them…then i put on a fair bit n its probs gona b a while til am back in that zone

Most of my clothes r right nice cos am a stylish guy, just need 2 hav a deek see whats fittin rn

I dont wear xmas jumpers tho cos its not my style n i dont like christmas

I need to buy so many new clothes. Fortunately, I buy a lot of my clothes online so I’ve still got a fair bit that fits as they were never big enough in the first place.

My work shirts and trousers are hanging off me which is such a good feeling. We’ve got dress down all month for charity thankfully, so come late December I’ll be getting some new threads! They’ll be just that little bit too tight as well so they last longer! :joy:

No. My old clothes stopped fitting me more than seven years ago. Ans although it is possible that I might rebound to my former size I have now gotten rid of them.