Dec 15 - how far have you come since last Christmas?

It’s easy to forget to stop and take stock of how far you’ve come, so make a point of doing so now! How far have you come?

Dropped from 35st to 26st 13lbs in a year.

This is the lowest weight I’ve been in donkey’s years and I’m loving the transition. I’m currently being plagued by infections of different kinds and palpitations, the latter of the two hampering my exercise regime.

There always seems to be something trying to block my path. In the past I would’ve regressed into my old habits and given up, like I did halfway through this year, but not this time.

Since joining Man v Fat in September, it has given me that extra accountability I need to keep going through the tough times and to hopefully come out the other side stronger, fitter and healthier.

Here’s to you, Man v Fat!


Well done. That is excellent. What a transformation in a year.


I dont hav any pics of me last year an i wont b takin any this year. I was hideous then n im hideous now n no amount of weightloss change that. Am not a picture taking person.

I actually dunno what i weight then but more then i do now. Its quite early days so not like loadsa stones but maybe loadsa pounds. Hey its a start

I was actually on abit of a high last december cos in the october + november 2 amazing things happend 2 me what actually changed my whole way i seen myself. This year hasnt been as dramatic but iv been.using that confidence n belife it give me 2 go after what i want. The big 1 for me was gettin a job. Dunno if this sounds sh!t but i hadnt workd before id been on the sick cos.of mental health problems. It took all i had just 2 survive i cudnt work on top of that. But i didnt want that 2b my life 4eva. I startd at a project thingy 2 help ppl with health problems get in2 work. It wasnt an overnite things but gradually i got in2 volunteering (helping at a furniture place 4 familys in need) an i really belived in that, glad i can help u kno what i mean. I made an ambition that i wantd 2 work in warehouse/stockroom. Finally this month i done it!! Its only part time n tempory but its a foot in the door yea i think am on track no turnin back!!!

Also, im not a recovering alcoholic but i hav that same thing.they do of no matter how long passes it still matters 2me 2 count ‘time sober/clean’. Exept 4 me its not drink but being sectioned/arrested/police comin 2 my house on welfare checks which sometimes ends up in 1 of the 1st 2!!! That was the kind of choas that my teens n early adulthood was made up of. Another year ‘Clean’ of all that. I kno thats nowt 2 boast about cos most ppl never get arrestd or sectioned 2 begin with but i suppose im not 1 of them ppl

Roll on 2019, i think its gona b a goodn!!!
I belive in u ALL n i KNO u can keep on ur progress n achive everything u want!!!

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This is my 12 months. You wouldnt believe there is 26lbs difference here but it’s been noticed.


Love this, @Biffa94, your achievements and goals are different AND the same as mine but you’ve smashed them all the same! You’ve come so far and you’re inspiring me to stay on track no matter what!

Mental health isn’t something people are comfortable talking about and some people would rather avoid it altogether, but for you to be as open about it as you are is a revelation and I’m proud to be on this journey with you!

One thing I will say is that if you can learn to love yourself, you’ll find this transition even easier. Take photos of yourself and keep them for yourself and use them to see how far you’ve come. I hate taking pictures of myself but at least I can control my double chin in them! Photos taken by others are disgusting and I’ve just found some from a couple of years ago which really highlight the changes that I’ve made.

Keep going, mate, you’re doing me proud and you must be doing yourself proud too!

You can definitely see it, mate, your shorts travel a good 6 inches further down your legs.

That’s not the only thing

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Loose skin?

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Aah cheers u say right nice things!! U an all…its absolutely amazing all u achived sincs sept let alone the whole yr!! I think it really inspires many ppl

Me i think things come in stages, u build up. Each year got me nearer the point i actually can do it. I suppose we all hav 2 reach that point whateva reason when we r ready, n sometimes it does take 4 things 2 get bad b4 u can really find it in u 2 turn it round

Oh aye am really open about it cos it was all v embarrassingly public at the time like havin a full on break down in front of every1, that now am just like f#ck it
Plus am use 2 ppl knowin my personal business
So i just thought ppl kno bout this anyways so i mite as well take control of the story well it is MINE!! In the last few yrs i actually like talkin about bad stuff i been thru in my life not cos i want it 2 define me n sh!t but incase like it helps other ppl whos been thru similar u kno what i mean

Aye im probs abit harsh about how i look lol…maybes i try that, pics but not share them at 1st. I just dunno of before after pics r my thing cos am not a fan of pics, selfies or other ppl takin. Hate seein them. But aye yea ill give it a try incase. Mite b a fair while b4 i post them tho lol

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All in good time, mate, just keep going!

Appreciate the comment, mate, if I can inspire one person for the better I’m a happy man.

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Very little in the scheme of things. About a stone lighter. But to be fair, I am nearly 5 stone lighter than when I started this malarkey. :grin:

Which is good, and this year there has been weight gain / excuses lol last Christmas & New Year, Easter, Birthday, when the baby was born, when we moved… oh hello it’s Christmas again. :smiley:

As a serial yo-yo dieter over the many years this year for me was about continuing the journey after losing 35lb in my first manvfat season which finished at Christmas 2018. I wanted to make my new way of life stick and I am happy to report that I have done that and on Jan 5th this year I weighed in at 251 lb I am now 223lb so I have lost another 2 stone in 2018.
I still run regularly even though i had an injury setback in about may which stopped me exercising for 6 weeks.
I have enjoyed holidays and yes these made me gain weight but I minimised the impact by continuing to run on holiday and I have learnt to make better decisions for daytime eating which allows me to enjoy my evenings.
Looking forward to 2019 with a little more weight to lose and consolidation. As a bare minimum I will not end next year any heavier than 223lb.

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You are all amazing and your progress - no matter how small it may seem to you - is truly inspirational to me. One pound or one hundred pounds, you’re doing it! And that’s a lot more than some people can say :smile:

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Two years ago on the left, tonight on the right. Same t-shirt.


And no beer in the hand. Quite a difference there and it’s such a good feeling. I have some clothes here in vacuum bags I have for when I get down another size. Let’s just say I don’t need T-shirt’s for a long time.

Well done

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Well done thats brilliant

Both pics is good but u look much happier in the 2nd one, thats what its all about

Dude, you have come a long way.

Thanks, mate. Long way to go, excited for the journey ahead!