Dec 19 - plan your Christmas food shop

I’m a sucker for anything salted caramel and am likely to buy anything with it in :laughing:


Did someone say salted caramel? :drooling_face:

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Im probs gona hav 2 do my christmas shop soon. Absolutely dreadin it cos i f*cken HATE all them crowds!!!
This is gona b key 4me cos the shops isnt rly open on xmas so if i dont buy all sh!te i wont eat it, SIMPLE
Am just gona try an do me normal shop. Tinned stuff, bread, eggs, pasta etc. Mite get a packet of biscuits and a few cans of lager but wont go mad. Christmas dinner probs gona b scrambled egg on toast. Main thing am gonna get is like loadsa cigarettes

I bought a bottle of salted caramel sauce for NO REASON AT ALL and now it’s in my fridge taunting me.

I usually make blondies with salted caramel sauce to dip in every year but we’re off to my in laws for Xmas so I don’t think I’ll have time - do I or do I not just down the sauce from the bottle?!

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Do it online if there are still any delivery slots available! That way you don’t have to deal with the crowds. Or go at dead of night when there’s no one around

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Chug chug chug chug!

That sounds like a shout! Honestly, i went in before xmas last year n i cudnt belive the PANIC gan on, i thought weeew chill out…mind i say that i was pure trolly ragin meself, thought i was gona hav a meltdown or chin sum1 lol

Only one of everything?

#whoops, failed already…