Dec 3rd - Challenge: Donate to a foodbank

Christmas can be really tough, so by donating to a foodbank you will be making a big difference to someone at a difficult time of year. Just add a few extra items to your food shop this week and donate (some supermarkets have a drop-off point in store) so that the foodbanks have a chance to distribute items before Christmas.

Don’t forget about non-food items too, shaving stuff, deodorant, shower gel etc., will all go a long way to making this time of year a little easier for someone who really needs it.

Find your local foodbank here:

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We have always done secret Santa at work with varying degrees of success and annoyance to the recipients of the gifts.

Last year we decided to do things differently and set up a work food bank the theory being that whatever you would spend on a secret Santa gift you spent on food to donate to the food bank.

This was then donated to the official food bank in town.

It was very successful. Van loads of tinned foods, essentials and even Xmas gifts were delivered in time for Christmas.

It’s a good thing to do and great PR for the company so win win all round.

We are doing it again this year and expect it to be just as successful.


Fantastic idea! Will be recommending this to my work place.

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It is.

The more the merrier.

That is such a wonderful idea!

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