DECEMBER - Indoor rowing and/or cycling CHALLENGE ...One million metres in December


One million metres in December…anyone up for putting in some mileage on the Concept 2 rower and/or Spin bike or indeed riding outdoors?

My RowVember Concept 2 rowing challenge in RowVember was thwarted near the halfway point, at 300,000 metres, by a niggling cold which has persisted until close to the end of the month, so I need a reset of target.

Internal stationary cycling and indoor rowing combination: I’m going to build up 1,000,000 metres or 621 miles in old money, during the month of December. Any combination…anyone else want to join the bunfight? Whilst I doubt it, the combination of this target PLUS sensible complementary healthy eating with calorific accountability could see you smash your previous monthly expectations. Join me.

Anyone up for it? :grinning::grinning: Actually, putting it in metres makes it sound harder than need be… it’s really 20 miles a day, so for any road cyclists out there, this is not so very challenging…is it?


I’m up for some kind of challenge but never 1m metres. Would never get there.

There’s no rower in this hotel, I’ll check the other one I’m occasionally in next week and my flat the next time I go.

Need to give you some motivation to hit your goal!


So how does it work. Do you take a pic of your results like I’ve been doing. I’ll help you get you your target but don’t rely on me as I’m struggling to get into the rowing side of things. I find it boring tbh.


You’re right, the rower IS boring… I’m guessing even Steve Redgrave will/would have said that. The fact is it’s an extremely effective way to get fit…or stay fit, and probably most under-rated bit of kit in the gym. I’d say my early efforts in RowVember (where I’d notched up near to 100k within first four/five days) was because I thought someone else (Tommy) was about to post a similar distance…so it was the COMPETITION that enabled me to override boredom and crack on.

I also was fuelled by the inground knowledge that I’d FEEL so much better as a result of overcoming the boredom and hanging in the metres.

But in fact @Drums1875, it’s the fact that it is a grind that I’m mixing and matching it with stationary cycling in December too.

And yes, indoor cycling is boring too!..but the smoothness of heartbeat in everyday living once you’ve undertaken around a fortnight of daily cycling and/or rowing efforts is WELL worth the drudgery… believe me.

Take my word for it @atb88 , for the time being. We’ll work out a challenge and we’ll wind up with two winners…or three if @Drums1875 joins in. All things are relative. I’ll put my thinking cap on. :grinning:


How about @atb88 you do 100,000 metres, on bike OR rower, no defined split, just to move one machine or another through distance of c62 miles ? Ten percent .

@Drums1875 …if I can convince you of ultimate purpose of cardio training… despite the boredom that is an inevitable consequence, maybe you will join us?

I’d kind of liken it to the time I severed a tendon on my index finger (washing up a wine glass that split since you ask!)… after surgery to re-attach the tendon, I had seven weeks with hand bandaged to a tray with arm in a sling. This resulted with all my fingers seizing up over that period, to the extent that I could not bend the fingers, almost not at all, let alone clench my fist. Now here’s the ‘lesson’ @Drums1875 :slight_smile:

The consultant, head physiotherapist and occupational therapist said that unless I do all the exercises and physiotherapy on a daily basis, and gradually got all the tendons and muscles in the hand bending and moving, I would not get the movement back and would never have normal dexterity of hand/finger movements again.

In short, although I didn’t fancy doing the exercises (pummeling plasticine and crushing cushions etc), I’d lose the ability! Use it or lose it.

If you could just take my word for it and follow a flexible plan that would see you move 100,000 metres one way or another during December…we could include walking/running on treadmill too should you wish, I promise you’ll bfeel £uckin’ GREAT by December 31st !


I think I could do more than that. I’m gonna say 250,000m by the end of December.

It’s less than 10,000m a day, should be manageable.


Sounding good @atb88, so 25% distance… I was just thinking, at 10% for @Drums1875 that’s quite neatly 2 miles a day moving…either forwards (run/walking, cycling) or backwards (rowing). A bit more in days leading up to Chrimbo and he can have three days off for the holidays!

The ‘trick’ in this sort of challenge @atb88 , I discovered in RowVember, is to make sure you hit or exceed your daily target each and every day, especially early on. If you can get ahead of the game, any ‘pressure’ to make it softens and it’s more pleasurable and a challenge to be met, not a chore to be done.

I would imagine I’ll be doing around a one third / two thirds split…one third rowing, two thirds cycling.

@Drums1875 mentioned photographing dial…dead happy to do that, as I started doing in RowVember, but happy to take anyone’s word for it. After all, we’d only be cheating ourselves, not just others, if we type out porkies!.. Oh, you’re veggie - you CAN’T tell porky pies!

Chuffed as a butty - The MVF Newsround 30/11/18


No excuses!


…and there will be none. It might (you tell me), be useful to link this exercise TO something to give it even more purpose.

Shall we record calories burned, in accordance with manufacturer’s guided record and match this with calories consumed?

We know ‘You won’t out train a poor diet’ mantra, but it’s not simply a sporting challenge, the objective is to lose weight (and get healthier), so giving some purpose could be useful?


He’d be telling quornies @atb88 if he bull@#itted

I done 21 mins on the bike today. 5.07 miles, and 197 calories burnt. My lad has to do it so I joined him. Easily enough but boring. Something to do with his rehab


I’m intolerant to Quorn. I lose a lot of weight, painfully, when I have it.


So, @Drums1875 , you’re ‘quorny’ joke fell flat, didn’t it!? :joy::joy:


@atb88 Is this December challenge something different for you…maybe for you to see it as providing further impetus to your personal weightloss journey?

You’ve already been doing well, whereas my efforts stalled once I was told I’d got a hernia tear…for which, coincidentally I have a hospital consultation about today.

For me this could be a reboot and, as such it could be useful for me to account for more criteria than just metres covered (bike or rower) for the day.

By this I’m thinking:

Calories IN v calories OUT daily
Weekly weigh-in
Weekly % bodyweight lost (from Dec 1 start point)
Metres covered daily

Would this be helpful to you, would more accountability be motivating for you?


Best of luck today!

For me, it’s the need to do more exercise. I consistently make excuses not to do exercise and whilst I’ve been smashing the weight loss, my exercise has let me down and I need to get that side of my life under control.

I seem to need accountability to do anything so this will give me that (hopefully). I started Couch to 5k but had to drop that due to getting chest pains, palpitations etc., but my doctor is confident it isn’t exercise/blockage related, so that’s one excuse out the window!

I’ve got a 24 hour ECG appointment early January which will hopefully determine what’s wrong (if anything) so I’m raring to go next month. Football doesn’t seem to affect my chest either so I know I’m safe as long as I don’t overdo it.

It’s likely that most of my metres will come from an exercise bike, but I’m fine with that, I’ll get some rowing in if I can.


Is a 24 hour ecg test where they put monitor on you for a full day to analyse problem? (Fairly obvious really, but what does your GP think it might show up?)…the rower won’t necessarily get your heart rate high…only on any out-and-out sprints, but all of mine has been done at steady-state rate, around 65% max.

In cycling it’s much easier to up the heart rate, but also dead easy to control rate too, which might be better for you if you’re at all anxious about your prized possession!

Have you ever used a heart rate monitor in any form of exercise? It doesn’t seem likely from your comments, but it is quite interesting. I’ve used such a monitor for twenty-odd years, although not nowadays on a regular basis given that I am now so familiar with my rate I can very accurately guestimate my rate at any given time…

I train on stationary bike using Watts as the guide, given that the feedback on output is instantaneous (like speedometer in a car) and not delayed by around 4/5 seconds,case it is when watching feedback on a heart rate watch/screen.


Yep, the likelihood is it’s just an arrhythmia of some sort although I’ve not felt it in a few days so fingers crossed the problem is resolving itself.

I used to love the exercise bike but the rower will be a big challenge and I really want to clock up at least a quarter of the distance on there.

My watch monitors my heart rate, my RHR is currently between 45 and 55 which is a far cry from the 80/90 it used to be while drinking and eating everything. I only really check it on the machines out of interest more than anything, never really look at the percentages etc.


Nor do you need to follow heart rate religiously…just be cognisant that c65% (or 6.5 out of 10 on rate of perceived effort) is fat-burning mode…the one we’re most interested in.

Do you count calories? … you’ve probably mentioned in past posts…


Not really, I estimate them mostly. I know they’re falling way below my TDEE though.


I’ve had my BMR calculated by David Lloyd machine at 2,033 … let’s call that 2,000 a day. I need to remind myself of any difference between Basal Metabolic Rate and Total Daily Energy Expenditure, but I think I might ‘publish’ a daily IN v OUT calorie count, because the figures work and accountability is good.

What’s your TDEE?

If you do get access to a Concept 2 rower, on their website they provide formula for you to establish a more accurate calorie burn once you input weight. The standard readout assumes a weight of (if I recall correctly) 79 kilos. The heavier you are (in excess of the assumption, the more calories you burn).

The same should apply on other similar machines (like my Wattbike), so it is as easy to use the company’s standard estimate at face value because there needs to be a trade off for the fact that, whilst your on the stationary bike nfor, say, half an hour…you would have burned off around 40 calories if you just breathed in and out, or simply remained alive sedentary for the same half hour - on the other hand, we’re both heavier than the manufacturer’s assumed weight, so one will offset the other…hence I’ll go with manufacturers standard readout.

Ah yes. Looked up…BMR is simply sitting on your a£se all day, TDEE makes with the allowance for how much you actually move around in a normal day. Postmen presumably using more calories than a Virgin Station ticket-seller.

I’m going to calculate using 2,000 calories per day. Et vous?


@Greenballs c’mon…'ere it is - be a man…an athletic man.

Distance your choice.
Stationary machine of your choice.
Backwards or forwards. Or both. Your choice.

250,000 metres. 62,500m per week. 8,000m per day.