DECEMBER - Indoor rowing and/or cycling CHALLENGE ...One million metres in December


If I was on my old schedule for the gym I’d smash this. I’m not getting there. A spin class would accumulate 17k upwards on average for me.


It seems that way. Ill sit back and shut up. :man_facepalming::speak_no_evil:


My TDEE is currently 3,246 at a sedentary level. Think I’ve smashed that today as it’s a cheat day for me!

Currently I normally consume (estimated) 1,200 - 1,800 calories a day so it’s a big chunk off what I need, plus, I exercise a bit more now so that’ll be contributing to the weight loss no doubt.

I’m going to stick to the 1,200 - 1,800 calories as I’m finding it enjoyable and the results on the scales are delighting me on a weekly basis!

@Greenballs - come on, ye shitebag, don’t let a super fatty out-cycle you!

@Drums1875 - thankfully your joke didn’t have the same effect on my bowels as Quorn does!


I’m thinking if you keep to your current level, but once the presumably increased activity kicks in, you’ll be losing a little more rapidly?..trick is not to increase your consumption.

I’m excited for you…nothing like observing a win/win in action.


Can see myself being ravenous if I’m exercising 5 - 6 days a week!

I’m excited for it.


Stick with it, you’ll feel all the better for it. …and so will I !


@Unimatrix0 …we were in wrong thread… Are you on board @250k or what number, @Greenballs … any advance on 250k unless you already see that as a genuine challenge to YOU ??


This would be easy for me if I got to go like I used to. The challenge is getting to these classes I’ve mentioned. And then I’m only here til 21st Dec




Trying to work out the logistics @Zero4.

Like you I have been pretty ill of late, and the antibiotics kicked in yesterday making me feel so much better that I went back to the gym for the first time in more than a week. Due to a combination of things I almost passed out - something that hasn’t happened since I was a teenager and was bleeding profusely from the neck (don’t ask).

Going forward I only have 6 gym passes left, to be used by December 12th, so would have limited access to rowers/treadmills/bikes beyond that. It is a VERY nice gym, but I’m not paying £69 a month to go. You may recall my ‘exercise’ of choice is walking. I think during the summer 250 km would be doable in a month but as we enter the kingdom of snow and ice I am not sure how many ‘walkable’ days there will be. If I do this I want to set a target that will challenge me, but not so difficult that I give up.

Could I maybe set a lower target, and adjust upwards if it looks too achievable after a while? I would prefer that to adjusting down, as that would feel like failure.


It’s your challenge, mate, set it to what you feel appropriate.


Surely @Unimatrix0 the best thing would be to set a target and then WAY surpass it? I don’t believe in setting a goal and then just edging over the finish line!

Remembering the dual purpose in this is to losing the weight we each wish PLUS coming out the other end fitter than we go in. I’m seeing it like setting myself up for fitness into Spring…a prelude to a New Year push and getting as light as I can at the start of the road-cycling season…and surprising the cycling club when I turn up primed and ready to kick ass!

Maybe our individual objective/s and hopes should be imagined and we then set our individual goals in accordance with whatever desire we have and accessibility to equipment / weather conditions etc.

I’ll set up a separate weigh-in / login thread to keep targets and running totals nice and clear, commentary can continue on this thread.

My RowVember would have continued swimmingly had the ‘competition’ been continuous throughout the month…(.in fact it never even materialised!) and if I’d not got a prolonged cough/cold at the halfway point. …and that is the reason I’d like to suggest this challenge, in whatever form you each give it…to go through a whole month and see how the numbers materialise: calories IN / OUT, metres done etc… The numbers don’t lie…I just want to test myself and come out shining! …and you lot to do the same :grinning:


I’d suggest we each keep just ONE page EACH on the accompanying DECEMBER CHALLENGE WEIGH IN and AGGREGATES and simply edit and add every day, that way we can scroll down and follow the success’s as they unfold?.. :grinning::grinning: @atb88 @Greenballs @Unimatrix0


Absolutely agree @Zero4, but if I set the target so low it is easily surpassable then there is no challenge.

Great idea. We can easily track and view our progress.

So, I have decided to join the challenge… but I’m not doing metres. One of my concerns was that 1000 metres in the pool versus a 1000 metres on the bike versus a 1000 metres on the rower (et al) just don’t equate. I felt that as I was going to spend most of my efforts walking, I would have to spend much more time to achieve the same number of metres as someone rowing, however I know that metre for metre I’ll burn more calories walking briskly than rowing. So …

Whilst still reporting activity type and distance, I propose having the emphasis on ‘calories burned’ on my page, with a view to losing 10 lbs in December, which will be a total of 35000 Kcals burned through exercise, regardless of source.

Does that sound ok?


Sounds great, mate!

I’ll be doing 250,000m on the bike and/or rower. I won’t be counting my steps that come normally such as commuting and football.

I’m excited to get this started on Saturday!

I don’t think I’m going to weigh in for this separately though. I already weigh in at football, for the 30lbs thread and for an IA. I could just use one of those? Probably the Tuesday one as that’s my weight for the 30lbs thread.


Thanks @atb88.

I’m looking forward to it too.

I know we have discussed previously the merits of daily vs weekly w/i’s - I have weighed daily for as long as I can remember so have no problem updating daily, weekly or on any day of peoples choice… as we are each going to have our own ‘results’ page I’ll probably go for daily though, as I have the figures anyway - although December will be even more volatile than what passes for ‘normal’ :roll_eyes:

As you and others have reminded me more than once ‘This is about what works for us’, so go with what you are comfortable with. I’m sure you can’t imagine weighing in every day any more than I can imagine not. We are both making great progress and neither seem obsessively obsessed, so I see no issue with either stategy.


I could weigh in most days, it’s just the scales I’d use would be different and they give different readings so it’s pointless.

Monday morning I could use my flat scales, Tuesday evening football, Wednesday morning flat, Thursday evening football, Friday morning flat, Saturday/Sunday morning either flat or up north depending on what I’m doing.

Can’t be arsed with all that.


Sounds spot on @Unimatrix0 …as we all appreciate, this a personal protracted effort, shared so others can see we’re actually challenging ourselves somehow and coming out at the end of December on top :grinning:.

Could it be that December is a month where us porkies could possibly allow weight to add on without guilt? The fact that we might attend additional parties and gatherings where drinks, sweet and savoury goodies are on offer and,case we’re expected to partake, we do, safe in the knowledge that no-one could possibly be judging us at this time of year… everyone’s over-indulging. OR ARE THEY?

More than any month I’m going to account for calories consumed, because this month it would be easy to ‘just get stuck in’ …and get an inevitable weightgain. In fact, if you watch skinny people at functions (my missus is one) - they hardly eat much at all…same as rest of year. We just assume they do, because we’ve quite readily dropped our pretence of martyrdom, just so we enjoy a guilt-free helping of all in sight.

I put this pontification in because I reckon there could be a temptation to eat more if we’re all burning more calories than we might in other months. My missus MAY just have a slightly larger meal on Christmas Day itself, but that will be about it. I won’t be telling her, but I will be taking a leaf out of her book and NOT over-indulge…

It’s not easy to cajole some folk into exercise if it’s just not their bag!..but one of the more illuminating things about seeing “600 calories burned” on the rowing / cycling screen at the end of an hour’s effort is to hold the thought of that effort ‘frozen into one visual frame’ - 600 CALS…and when you next go to pick up a pint of Guinness, or vegetable burger or whatever, think “This is cancelling out that whole row / run / cycle in six mouthfuls” …

@Unimatrix0 …might you show calories taken on board too?.. I know @atb88 has his inbuilt calorie-counter hat on every day and thereby knows when he’s close to his allowance. I’m recording my IN and OUT because it will force me to account to me…and most of what constitutes my daily portions is quite easy to calculate the calories in because it is supermarket salads, or fruit…packs of salmon, chicken breast etc…


I think I may have been a bit rash!

35000 calories over the month would be 1129 calories/day, which equates to around 3 hours exercise/day. Every day. For 31 days. Not gonna happen.

The only way that I can see I stand a chance is to include ‘saved calories’ ie the calories that I haven’t eaten that the scales say I need each day, even then it will be a push, but should be doable.

I have signed back into mfp, so logging food should be straightforward enough, and I’ve created a spreadsheet for everything else.


I’m baffled…not hard, I know…but baffled nevertheless. How many steps make up, say, 600 calories…or how many steps make up a challenging amount for you each day for a month?..

Then your target of X,000 steps over the month could show up like our metres :grinning: