DECEMBER - Indoor rowing and/or cycling CHALLENGE ...One million metres in December


Sometimes a walk for me would consist of around 8000 steps and Fitbit works it out around 600+ calories burned. Not sure on the accuracy but it’s a guide.


@atb88 … what’s the plan old boy? Is the rower at your flat’s gym going to be readily available to you… and what type is it, is it up for the job?

Are you a member of another gym nearby?..tell all :grinning::grinning:


Well now there’s a revelation @Zero4. I always track my walks in miles so have never made the connection before, but this afternoon I took some stuff to the local charity shop, which is exactly a 1 mile round trip.

Having just checked it logged 1619 steps. There are 1609 metres in a mile, so each step is pretty much exactly 1 metre. Who knew! I checked back on a number of longer previous walks and the numbers work out pretty much the same. That makes life easy (for a change). Put me down for 250,000 metres :grinning:


I’ll find out in the morning, mate.

I’m not a member of any gyms, there’s a gym in the Hilton I stay in with work which doesn’t have a rower. I’ll find out on Monday if the Premier Inn I stay at has one.


I don’t think Premier Inns have gyms, just coffee and orange drink dispensaries! I thought you’d got rower access lined up in your excitement!


The one I stay in has a leisure room, I’ve not braved it yet!


The view from the exercise bike, @Zero4.


The view FROM the exercise bike! you mean you’re sitting on one looking down on this, second, one? :grinning:

I think you need to move it away from the wall @atb88 or you’ll keep slapping your back!


Yes, Sir. 10km on the bike done. Technogym bike; read the instructions online and it said the distance is measured in kilometres.

Took 27 minutes, hoping that goes down over the month.

Also hoping I can get my legs up on this rower. :joy:


@Zero4 - the display isn’t coming on. Any thoughts?


New battery?


I’m off to Tesco to buy some. Concierge is useless and the manager isn’t here until Monday and I’m determined to row.


It’s working!


I got cocky thinking 250km would be easy for the month. This damn nearly killed me!

10,030 + 2,022 takes me to a nice little 12,052m on day 1.

When I go home for Christmas, I won’t have access to a gym, but I’ve got one of these, so I’ll be able to get some metres in:

Time for some brunch consisting of scrambled eggs with chives, grilled tomatoes and grilled mushrooms.


Impressive young man. Well done


Just back from my day 1 walk …


Only another 239,460 metres to go!


10,000 m
5,000 m
2,000 m rowing…add

16k spin bike…all whilst feeling $hite coz this cold still won’t go!

More info later and place in daily schedule, but 33,000 metres, so on target!


What did you find easier. Was it easy to rack up the spin metres


Cycling is much the easier, I find. However I actually found today’s effort on local Gym’s spin bike harder than usual…possibly because i did it straight off the 17k on rower, between each row set I took c3 minutes walk. But also these spin bikes aren’t set up as close to my proper road bike position as my Wattbike at home.

I had intended to Wattbike around 30k in morning and then go to local gym for a row, with any aggregate over my required 33.3k daily being a bonus, but circumstances went against me, not least coz I didn’t really feel great!

…but life’s not all about things going well is it?!

Feel shit…still do it = should feel better in long run!


I walked 14km today, I’m not sure if I should add it.

I said I wouldn’t include steps that came normally, such as commuting or football, most of the steps today were from walking around London aimlessly just trying to get the steps up.

I’m not going to include them, I’ve decided. Let’s make this a real challenge!