DECEMBER - Indoor rowing and/or cycling CHALLENGE ...One million metres in December


@Zero4, wasn’t sure exactly how you wanted the calories in/out reporting, does this work?


Weight is in lbs (to 0.2, just yesterday and today were both dead on whole pounds).
Kcals required as per my scales, calculated each time I weigh in
Kcals burned from cardio trainer app on my phone
Kcals in from mfp.


Ur right it makes it sound loads in meters

Can i ask, i kno this gonna sound pathetic , but i find the rower KNACKS my hands like i dont mean just the skin but the actual bones. Til i cant hold on2 the thing properly.Thats what stops me. How do u deal with that ?


@Unimatrix0 … If I were clever enough to do it in that format, i reckon I’d have

Metres that day
Above/under target to date. ??
Aggregate to date
Metres to go (not too engaging except as you get near the end!)

Once you’ve settled on format the table posted on other thread (December Weight, Aggregates, Metres) and, apart from outline of ‘feelings’ wot @atb88 started, any social commentary comes in THIS thread so as not to complicate the simple results page.


My weigh-in today shows 3 lb loss already! I’d put thisvdown to an anomoly regarding some rubbish wine consumption and some bad food as I’ve consoled myself over this 'kin cough/cold…202 lbs today is correct I’d say, as I’d have expected anywhere around the 200 mark.

@Biffa94 …you’ve mentioned hands before of course. How about trying leather gloves? skin has hardened during the 313,000 metres done in RowVember, and they were ok again yesterday on my re-start. I can’t think why your bones ache!


2.5km on the rower done.

2.5km on the bike done, paused for a drink of water and the display reset itself. Gonna try knocking out another 7.5km now but I’m pissed off with that.

Photos of the row and second bike ride to come.


You now already know this, but it’s probably up to one full minute before these dials reset…if you pause for drink the best bet is to simply give ‘oar’ a sharp pull every 20 seconds (or the pedals one revolution) just to register another metre and let screen think you’re still there.

That’s the reason my 20,000 metres gets split…like I’ll do 10,000 straight, then have a drink and walk for 3 minutes then do 5,000 , same again, then another 2k or 5k…

Good work though!:grinning::grinning:


I tried gloves, ha every1 thought it was a right laugh like get me lol
Still aches my hands tho. I wish there was a way how i can fix my hands 2 it so i dont hav 2 grip. Mebbes its cos i have small hands? Mebbes i wudnt hav this problem if the bar was thinner


The bike reset itself within seconds of me stopping, did it again after the second 2.5km but I got a photo this time.

Left it at 5km bike, 2.5km row due to time constraints. My own fault for fannying about before going to the gym.

Not a great start and I won’t get much more time, if any, to do any more today. Plan is to get up early tomorrow morning; we’ll see.


That’s today’s target 33,000 hit before leaving home for the gym for some bonus metres. More inf later…


A 5,000m row, followed by lazy 2,000 which takes total for day up to 40,000, so above target for month.

Maybe rowed too soon after cycle - trying to get it done to a time because missus wants to meet up for lunch.

Exercise is definitely best undertaken without having time constraints…I never think having a weather-eye on the clock because you’ve got to go somewhere else is not conducive to relaxed efforts…and that’s what they should be.

I’m thinking @atb88 will agree! Lesson learned atb?..I already knew it!

Anyway…7,000 rowed, 33,000 cycled, so 40,000 metres total today, up on monthly target so far.


I’ve learnt not to neglect the gym time for a waste of time.


Is this equivilent of the same distance jogging do u think or different?


@Biffa94 I used to get that with the fingers too, sometimes even just holding a book or something. It would come out of nowhere and hurt like f*ck. It felt like you’d had your hand stuck in the freezer for way too long, and my fingers would lock too so I couldn’t move them. I was concerned it might be arthritis, but the doc said no, and just to monitor it. I think it is probably just ‘locking’ your hands in unnatural positions for prolonged periods of time that does it. That having been said, I then found out I was low on sodium. Since rectifying this I haven’t had the problem.
I’m obviously not recommending you start adding loads of salt to everything, and it might just be a coincidence for me, but it might be worth checking for nutritional deficiencies.


Thanx 4 the advice, yes that sounds exactly like what i get! I mite get it looked in2…as u say, id b surprised if im low on sodium give my diet til recently but its possible theres sumthing behind this! Am glad am not the only 1… was worried i just had wimpy hands or summit


So yesterdays little walk (7 miles) was organised by the local council’s ‘walking for health’ group. I made the mistake of mentioning to a couple of the guys that I knew the start point well, as it was the furthest point of another 7 mile circular walk of my own devising that takes me from/to home via 5/6 other villages and incorporates part of the black water valley walk.

“But you didn’t walk here today?”.
“No, that would have made it a 14 mile walk!”.
“Well. Yes”

I think @Zero4 has been giving them b’stard lessons.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But a challenge (within a challenge) is a challenge…


Seriously though, at 4 hours to walk 14ish miles it’s not bad, but deffo isn’t doable daily. Liking the 1470 calories burned though - that’s about 2 and a half bottles of red wine. hic :wine_glass:


Well I thought it would it would have been churlish to refuse their polite request for a gee-up and suggestions! :grinning:


0 today, resting the back. Fingers crossed it’s better for football tomorrow which I’m considering including the metres for otherwise this challenge will be over before it’s begun!


I’ve made it to day six on the antibiotics, and this morning suddenly I was covered in a rash, which is very itchy.

Todays exercise, 15500 metres, was made up of 5000 rowing and 10500 walking (to and from the gym). Food wise was doing OK until coming home from the gym picked up a pizza from sainsburys which was 850 calories, so hopefully can offset it against the exercise.

Probably wont get any exercise in tomorrow as I’m out all day, but I have already built up a bit of a buffer so should be ok.


So under-target for the day, 17,000 metres…half an hour on Wattbike, started ok, averaging 36 kpm, but during last ten minutes (if what was to be at least one hour) my body decided the fuel I had on board was insufficient and I ‘hit the wall’.

Went indoors to feed up and decided on hot shower instead…hunger knock too far gone.

Will have to get fuelling right tomorrow.


When you do return to the gym @atb88 , you may well find that the bike is more forgiving on the frailty of your back than the rower… maybe use bike as the warm up act?