DECEMBER - Indoor rowing and/or cycling CHALLENGE ...One million metres in December


Tomorrow all going well, mate.

Need to play catch up already.


Cold STILL troubling me… coughing every five minutes overnight and not fancying Wattbike ride before work and tonight not up for any more than measley 5k in 22 minutes 30 secs.

Go again tomorrow hopefully. Ground to make up…

Today: 5,000 m

AGGREGATE: 95,000 metres


10km cycled tonight. Felt good but didn’t want to push my back too much.

I’ve got football tomorrow night and I’m travelling north on Friday so I can’t see me getting any more metres in until Saturday. Think I’m gonna struggle with this challenge but I’m not giving up yet.


15km a day for 15 days and I’ll hit target. This is doable!


I’m gonna try get to a spin bike at the gym tomorrow night. See how I’m fixed for time. I’m about 75% there with the back


Mine is varying. I can walk straight now, but it hurts when I try and pick things up. It’s hurting now sitting in the chair. I’m off to get some food, keep it warm!


Well there’s a double win for you…don’t pick any food up! Simples.


I need to eat. :joy:


Need serious rethink and doubling of effort…well not quite doubling as yet, but serious increase in exercise output.

A last hour change of work stuff yesterday afternoon put paid, not only to a late afternoon /early evening bout of prolonged exercise and much-needed catch up, but in fact prevented all 'kin exercise altogether.

No more will I promise what I propose to do…I need to get it done - then post results as historic. Life can begin the way of even the best plans eh @atb88 ? …have a great Thursday…


Life can try getting in the way. I’m gonna do everything in my power not to let it.


Now @atb88 how about giving this a little attention?..,

I’ve just watched TedTalk given by one Bert Herring type into YouTube ‘Fast-5 and D.I.E.T’ …then I read reviews on Amazon for his book …How about you have similar watch of talk and the reviews THEN how’s about we follow the suggestions/‘diet’ and share results?

Have a butchers and tell me your initial thoughts :grinning:


I’ll have a watch later, mate.


Nothing today. Was meant to play 5 a side but didn’t feel like it so I said I’d go to the gym instead. Didn’t go. Will try getting up early before work in the morning but can’t see it happening. We’ll see!


Is this a wobble in enthusiasm @atb88 ?, I thought not!

I think there’s a big, big difference between setting a specific target in metres per month, as we’ve done this month; and the less onerous ‘Who can go furthest?’ attitude, as Tommy-Boy and I were both supposedly doing in RowVember…

Illness apart, the November version would, I believe, have seen me accumulate more metres and in a more relaxed fashion were it the case I’d been doing combination of cycling and rowing, as opposed to just rowing,case November was.

Such is life! :grinning::grinning:


No, Sir. Didn’t manage to wake up on time this morning but pleased to report a 10km under desk cycle at home with a cameo from my mum’s feet.

Took me just shy of 21 minutes.

I didn’t find this as challenging as a regular exercise bike as I was sitting back in the sofa. Still, metres are metres, they all count!


You sure you didn’t simply nod off and dream it all?


The numbers don’t lie. I did, however, nod off watching that fast 5 video. :joy:

I’ll try again today.


I dont think im saying the video is that much good, but it point towards the book which has the science, and if i like the reading as i like how the principals sound, im all for doing it.


From what I saw, it was intermittent fasting. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Hit 15km today on the desk cycle. Pleased with that and I’ve skipped a meal so calories will be minimal.

Honourable mention to the Adidas Superstars in the background.


@Zero4, @Unimatrix0 - what’s the craic? Neither of you have updated in a few days.

Spit spot!