DECEMBER - Indoor rowing and/or cycling CHALLENGE ...One million metres in December


Sorry @atb88. Had a pretty crap week tbh. I’ve had this ear/throat infection for nearly 3 weeks now. I was on antibiotics to treat it, but on day 5 came out in a huge painful rash covering most of my body. I stopped the medication and was given something else to clear the rash. That was earlier this week, but today is the first time I don’t feel like scratching my skin off. Haven’t left the house for 3 day so obvs no exercise, and as appetite came back with a vengeance eating everything in sight. In the 3 days to yesterday I put on 9 lbs, but today have lost 4 of them. Have another prescription to get for different antibiotics today, so will hopefully get this sorted once and for all.

I only have 3 days left at the gym, to be used this coming week, and with the weather turning worse am not sure how much opportunity I’ll get to walk outside. Part of me wants to try and complete the challenge, but part is saying, ‘f*ck it, just get well and start again after Christmas’


No need to apologise, mate, hope you’re better soon. Don’t push yourself until you’re better, you might make things worse. Take care!


@Unimatrix0 … I’m not so sure I didn’t prefer that previous post in which you said ‘I’ll spare you the details…’ :joy::joy: . Anyway, the main thing is to get better and, like always, it’s best to be both mentally and physically in the right place to tackle weightloss issues, so maybe post Crimble and NY celebrations would be best.

My million metres December has been dealt a ‘cruel’ blow by Mrs Zero4 in that she’s booked a holiday cottage in mid-Brittany for two weeks from Friday 21st! Getting in that metreage post-cough/cold was going to be hard enough, but completing it within three weeks is …well challenging, to say the least!

I slapped in a real road cycle yesterday with cycling club, 104 kilometres…but some of the stop-starting that comes with some club rides reminds me why I don’t like outdoor riding in poor weather (punctures, garment removal because it’s too warm, adding layers because another’s got too hot!!!)…so that will be my last outdoor ride until the spring…even though they are easier kilometres than ones earned in the gym…


Sterling effort though, mate. You’ll get there, I’ve no doubt!


I’m wondering why I set that particular challenge though!..the RowVember was kind-of straightforward…I was setting out to just row most days, then see how @TommyD was doing and up the metres should I feel the desire to compete…in the end (or rather beginning!), the competition became a non-starters and a December challenge just drifted into mind once I’d caught a cold mid RowVember!!

Anyway… I’m off to the gym now for little row just to blow out some cobwebs on a Sunday. :grinning:


Thanks @atb88 and @Zero4.

I have to say I was secretly harbouring a bent towards ‘lets get back to it tomorrow’, but having just got back from the chemists in a cold sweat I took off my fleece to find the rash (or should that be … “THE RASH - Dah… dah… daaahhh…”) is virulent again.

I have no problem publishing the data I do capture - the number of times I have people tell me I can’t possibly gain 7lbs a day, or lose 5 lbs a day (why is that never the other way around) - also hopefully it’ll stop me going mega on my ‘FEED ME’ days .

Eat my data suckers :rofl:


I don’t know what any of that means but I’m resting today. My back has flared up again, should be better in the morning all going well.


Sorry @atb88 to hear your back has flared up again. Do you have a long term strategy for it’s recovery (mine got better with weight loss and a firmer mattress - it really was worth spending £00’s on the mattress )?

Given that you spend 1/3 of you life in bed a good mattress is very important - but it sounds like you spend a lot of time in hotels with work - I used to be the same and staying in hotels was both a nightmare and a delight depending on the bed, and the facilities.


II thought my back would be ok with what I have lost but this time it hurt it was bad. Like it lasted a week or just over. Doc told me years ago it may always happen. Started off with a slipped disc a few years back and now they say it is just a twinge. Hopefully with the weight coming off like the knee the back will take less pressure and sort itself. Hard to believe only a few months ago there was an extra 30lb pressure on the joints.
Get well soon @atb88 I know what ur going through


Is what it is, fellas. Gotta push through the pain and fight for what I need. Scales looked good this morning so fingers crossed the loss is reflected at football tomorrow night.

Plan is to hit the gym tonight once I get to my hotel, eat healthily then watch the Everton v Watford game without hitting the bar snacks/unhealthy beverages.


It’s a £ucker taking a mattress on the bus… and the tube won’t be that much easier for @atb88 … and the former they are, the harder they are to bend around corners…


Nothing today due to palpitations putting me off. Really looking forward to the 24 hour ECG in January.


15,000 rowed last night (10k and a 5k), down, down on schedule…but feeling smokey for it! I’m looking forward to my new intermittent fasting lifestyle added to very regular exercise…I reckon by 1st February I’m going to be in top shape :grinning:


Football last night so no metres gained in terms of the challenge (I really should’ve included them).

I’ve got my gym gear with me so will aim for 15km this evening on the hotel bike. Determined to hit 250km by the end of the month!


@Unimatrix0 … how are you for following a thread I’m about to set up for intermittent fasting (not 5:2) and giving some input whilst not actually participating?


@zero4 OK. from what you’ve said it sounds like you are still eating the same amount, but over a reduced time frame so giving your body longer to ‘process’ it?

I’m not sure that would work for me as I tend to exercise in the morning by choice, and so would need to eat fairly early in the day. But then I can’t imagine not eating after 13:00 / 14:00.

I would definitely be interested in seeing how you get on with it though.


As I may have intimated before, I don’t like giving up on a challenge once I’ve committed to it.

The rash has pretty much gone. The new antibiotics seem OK so far, but they are twice the size of the previous ones but only to be taken twice daily. Which is the problem… I keep forgetting to take the second one - at this rate they will last me until Christmas :grinning:

I went back to the gym today and was shocked to find I still have 4 passes left… but they have to be used by Sunday, which will mean (including today) going to the gym 5 days in a row (no row pun intended).

I have updated my spreadsheet with yesterdays and todays exercise, and am currently 22230 metres short of where I should be by now to meet my target by the end of the month. Whilst this sounds like a lot (on account of it being a lot), I was more than this far ahead by day 3, so should be able to retrieve the difference over the next 19 days. As it is a metres challenge I think I will concentrate on the metres rather than calories in/out - the daily weigh in will show how badly that is going :slight_smile:


@Unimatrix0… I’ve not read up on it all yet, so not actually proposing anything other than you follow the thread once I set it up.

Whilst I can see the proposal is to basically eat within a five hour window,candidate fast the remaining 19 hours, how you select these is down to the individual. Dare I say it, but I rather think my exercise-burn could test this regime, so I’ll be seeking some advice from a forum I’ve signed up to, and which will enable me to pass on information and feedback to you lot.

More to follow as and when I learn it! …


I’ve stalled big time due to these palpitations. They seem to have improved today so I’ll aim to get some kilometres in tomorrow morning before I go to hospital for something unrelated.

Literally falling apart. :joy: